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This Is It Folks! #JuanOSavin Wants You To See This Video!! #TrustThePlan #ItsHappening #MedBeds

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Do not miss this video! Juan O Savin and Gerry Foley wants you to watch this video. I took the time to screen shot parts of it in case they take it down. This video will convince you we are watching a movie, trust the plan and the best is yet to come. Juan O Savin always said we would get vindication, not for ego, our gift will be the rest of humanity joining the adults at the table.

Enjoy the show!

What a coinky dink, on my thanks for getting in touch auto response to new subscribers I include the exact same clip by #JuanOSavin Game Theory Castle Rock: Juan O Savin -You Are Watching A Movie that is in the video above! Game Theory Castle Rock: Juan O Savin -You Are Watching A Movie:

8 Minute insider intel from Scott McKay also confirming the plan:


By_the Book and Strider Raven... The Landslide.Movie..Bye Bye Dan



More social conditioning, this article says Clinton was in shackles and taken to GITMO awaiting Military Tribunals:


GeorgeNews live chat 3/7/21!

Some interesting footage of military in 2017 posted by GEORGEnews


Update on Med Beds, Tesla, Free Energy & the end of Western Medicine: THE END OF CHEMICAL MEDICINE THE GREAT HEALTH OF MAN

What's about to happen during President Trump's second term is the biggest in the history of human civilization on this planet. This history is hard to find so the official corporate media can properly expose it. Therefore, information at this stage will be disseminated through the Internet by the Digital Soldiers.

Examination of occupational endemic corruption in the western health system is almost imminent. Modern allopathic medicine will be exposed as manipulative fraud created by pharmaceutical industry corporate controllers to make people sick, keep them sick and kill them prematurely. These manipulation tools are complex in composition, represented by expensive drugs or vaccines. Drugs in most cases are superfluous, as well as unreasonable surgical implants, leading to the need for more expensive medicines. Follow the money!

Note the peak attempts to suppress or make it illegal to proliferation of alternative plant based drugs that work better and last less. President Trump, in his youth, attended a university course in quantum physics alongside his uncle John Trump, his uncle's brother, one of the greatest physicists in the United States, who was close to the great Nicholas Tesla. The American government was tasked with searching and deciphering the archive of a great scholar immediately after his death in 1943. He was undoubtedly heard from his uncle about the secrets of quantum energy and revolutionary theories of Nikola Tesla and with all due diligence. approached natural dissection and introduction into our lives, for which he had already given up. One of the first technologies that will become available to the world's population with the announcement of the NESARA agreement - GESARA, expected to become a second term in March, is the medical beds MED BEDS. In addition to the new free energy systems, provided by TESLA coils and new anti-gravitational systems and replicators, I will also use holographic medical beds, which work with quantum energy, which will save us and prevent us from getting sick. These new holographic medical beds will be equipped with unique functions and will demonstrate assistance in diagnosing, surgical correction, reconstruction and rejuvenating cells and DNA. In short, they will become an inseparable part of our medical care and health and change everything they know in the field of health care. scars, diseases and long term dysfunction You can believe, readers and listeners, that everything is very good, to be true, you might feel like you're in a science fiction movie, but we understand your reservations. For a long time, deep state has shown us a technology that has made our lives better. You're welcome, however, we find out that this mistake has already been corrected and that moment behind the culmine and our wildest dreams in many of the techniques of science fiction films. This is a bad joke, played with us and is one of the dynamics, that will change exponentially with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA, as these new technologies launched into the world, with part of this program, which will be HELOXO. These medical beds can be scanned to find body parts for diagnosis and interpretation, including skin, muscles, bones, organs, glands, neurological and hormonal efficacy. Scalpels and laser mirrors, these healing spheres are built with extremely advanced experiential intellect, but severely limited. Instead of magnetism and radiation, these medical beds work with plasma energy at subatomic and vibrational levels. This is a very homeopathic approach to healing because the Universe vibrates for us and we are vibratory beings. This will give us plenty of side effects or small or no shocks other than miracle and pleasure. This means the end of a long wait, tests or endless drug testing that doesn't work, chemotherapy will be gone and persons dying of stroke or heart disease. REGENERATION BED Works with our DNA and stem cells to regenerate old fiber or decomposing organ. They are especially useful for anyone who needs organ transplants or organ transplants, amputated or cut limbs, or skin transplants in case of third degree burns. Technology work focuses directly on top DNA models. A harmonious resonance field will be used, which is always present in the cellular mind of our body. As many of us know, our body has a cellular mind and every corner has its holographic energy component, a double ghost energy. With their infinite possibilities, these beds will change many people's lives and this is just the beginning of all the changes in our health care system that will happen soon.

REGISTER. These beds will help to rejuvenate cells. They suggest age regression therapy. Everything will help me overcome unwanted memories. This medical bed is intended for age and mind regression. It will help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders eliminate their consciousness of horrible images and their heart from the state of despair. This bedding will help people look younger, improves and tightens all senses, skin, muscle tone, maturity and taste. These mind, body and heart corrections will be painless because they will work with our own DNA patterns and a set of reflective lenses on our body's natural internal clock. All three types of beds work on vibration and frequencies at quantum level, improving scanners, foldable lenses and 3 D surgical lasers. It also offers a variety of diagnostic and monitoring technologies that will inform the expert during diagnostic and revision sessions. These machines use plasma energy from particles that work with the human body to achieve maximum revision with minimal invasion. All three types of medical beds (MED BEDS) work with adequate technologies and are adapted for three different uses and procedures. These beds use plasma energy and have no radioactive element, focusing on redistribution and regeneration when necessary, which allows those who need to achieve optimal health in a very short time.

The production of these beds has already begun in the United States and will be used to establish children removed from the tunnels. With the help of psychiatry, the psychological traumas caused by children during technical torture and all the memories of horror will be completely healed. Imagine what this type of technology would mean to you, your family and your friends and anyone who suffers from health problems.

I already learned that the first such bedding arrived in Netherlands. All 205 countries, who signed the GESARA agreement, are one step away from causing that big quantum leap. The NESARA program for SAJ and the GESARA program for the rest of the world are expected to be announced by President Trump during his inauguration for a second term in March. Thank you for taking time to read this message in Love and Light.

SRC: Adrian Lulian on FB

Celestial Chambers Med Beds and our future looks so bright! Jared Rand and MarkZ


Joe Biden wink video wins gold on the internet today.

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What a fantastic summary of everything!! I am so Grateful!! There is nothing hidden that is not revealed that the American People need to know and the LIGHT of GOD never fails to reveal it!!!



Thank you for the wonderful summary, Marz!




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