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Power Of Now & Positive Thinking - Tame Your Ego #Breath

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

It's happening! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA Heart coherence, breath work, the ego loop or the spiral of intuition, law of attraction. Pedophile rapist Polanski in the news just like Q predicted, Armor of God, predictive programming. Bannon guilty, says he stands with Trump and the constitution, calls Biden illegitimate and he will be impeached by November. Clips of President Trump impressive red pill presentation in Tampa, Florida for conservative student activists on Saturday.

The Swamp by Eye Drop Media nails it. Here comes climate change hysteria. The lefts trannygate is out of control, they're upset by misgendering skeletons.


Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton Will Run Against Trump Again - OMG - Ron DeSantis: There Is ‘No Way’ Florida Will Support W.H.O. Global Pandemic Treaty - MonkeyPox Hysteria - Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease - Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference) - 10 Buddhist Monk Habits: Hard to adopt, but life changing when you do. Tom MacDonald - The System - Enjoy the show!!

Nobody ever teaches you how to breath. We are taught to drink water and eat food that we can survive without for quite a few days, but you can not survive with out oxygen. Deep breaths help regulate your heart and brain coherence, it's a game changer.

Heart Coherence #Breathwork

The Law Of Attraction Secret

"You can't get out of a jail you don't know you are in." Ram Dass
Your brain is a program that records information and you have the ability to reprogram yourself and change the way you think and perceive things. If you are not controlling your mind, someone else is. Protect your incredible and powerful energy. Marz

98% of Hollywood, sports, music and entertainment is filled with witches, warlocks, perverts and satanists casting spells on you all day long.

Tarantino Billboards Hijacked in L.A. to Slam Epstein, Polanski and “Pedowood”

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio no longer appear on several ads in Hollywood for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as a conservative street artist has swapped their images with those of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and film director Roman Polanski.

There are 17 Q posts with the "Armor of God" in them.

Predictive Programming - X Files

Bannon says he ‘stands with Trump and the constitution’ after contempt of Congress verdict

Bannon calls Biden illegitimate.

Joe Biden Will Be Impeached in November, Steve Bannon Says

Just in time for the mid terms? Steve Bannon, ex-adviser to Donald Trump, has claimed that President Joe Biden will be impeached in November over his administration's handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

"You have stood down ICE and you've stood down Border Patrol, and guess what? That's the impeachment hearing I want to hear," Bannon, the former White House chief strategist under former President Donald Trump, said during a recent episode of his War Room: Pandemic podcast.

The Swamp By Eye Drop Media

Former President Donald Trump speaks at TPUSA conference in Tampa

TWO GIANTS AT A CROSSROAD: Alex Jones joins Steve Bannon on Saturday morning and it was Truly an Interview for the Ages! (VIDEO)

CHILLING FIND - 143 = 17 = Q

Horrifying new evidence found after man allegedly raped 7-year-old girl 143 times in year-long ordeal

181 K-12 Educators Charged With Child Sex Crimes 1st Half of 2022

Crayola Posts Transgender ‘Model’ Wearing a Chain-Link Bra Over Clothing to Virtue Signal About Diversity

Attention school shoppers, there is another brand you may want to avoid while getting supplies for your kids this fall.

On Saturday, Crayola posted images of what appears to be a man in a wheelchair wearing a chain-link bra over his clothing to virtue signal about diversity.

The Left’s Latest Frontier In The Trans Craze? Ban Misgendering Skeletons

There are only 2 real women in these photographs. #MentalHealth

Is NPR turning on Biden???

Comedians calling out Biden?? Is there a shift?

72 Countries Without Covid Mandates: No Vaccine Or Testing Entry Restrictions

Only 25% of Canadians support domestic vaccine passports, down from 70% support last September

Dr. Deborah Birx says she 'knew' COVID vaccines would not 'protect against infection'

The former White House COVID response coordinator downplays vaccine efficacy

Fauci, Other US Officials Served In Lawsuit Over Alleged Collusion To Suppress Free Speech

HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model — NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD — To Persuade President Trump to Lock Down Entire US Economy! VIDEO

In conclusion: Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci misled the White House and the American public. The economy is destroyed and over 30 million Americans have lost their incomes.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx should resign immediately and face criminal charges for defrauding the US government and American public.

Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton Will Run Against Trump Again

Trump Praises the Dutch Farmers, Forewarns Who the Climate Hoax Will Target Next

"They want to get rid of the cattle because of what it does to the globe. Half of your cattle; they want out. You'll be next." President Trump

Joe Biden to Announce National Climate Emergency

As soon as tomorrow.

"Climate change is a global 'national security issue." Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia: 🙃


76,253 Dead

6,033,218 Injured

Officially recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines with 4,358 Fetal Deaths in U.S‼️


Let's play a game. Can you spot the difference?

World Health Organization Is Not Our Friend

EXCLUSIVE: “Yielding of Sovereignty Is Considered the Crime of High Treason” – Archbishop Vigano on Nation States Handing Over Sovereignty to the WHO

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano provides a memo this morning warning of the dangers of handing over individual nation-state sovereignty to the WHO. This is an act of treason by these nation-states.

Vigano WHO Declaration May 21 2022

Ron DeSantis: There Is ‘No Way’ Florida Will Support W.H.O. Global Pandemic Treaty

There is “no way” Florida will ever support the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) global pandemic treaty, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said on Monday.

WHO says no urgent need for mass monkeypox vaccinations - May 23/22

The World Health Organization does not believe the monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa requires mass vaccinations as measures like good hygiene and safe sexual behavior will help control its spread, a senior official said on Monday.

Richard Pebody, who leads the high-threat pathogen team at WHO Europe, also told Reuters in an interview that immediate supplies of vaccines and antivirals are relatively limited.

His comments came as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was in the process of releasing some Jynneos vaccine doses for use in monkeypox cases.

Biden Says Monkeypox Cases Something To ‘Be Concerned About’, Exploring Vaccines

This is a set up. Get ready.

17 cases of Monkeypox and Biden buys millions of vaccines and warns “everyone should be concerned” ?

There were 200 cases in the US in 2021. No one batted an eyelid. Pure manipulation.

Monkeypox outbreak can be contained, White House says

The White House said Sunday it was confident authorities could “eliminate” monkeypox from the United States by speeding up the rollout of vaccinations and treatment to combat the virus’s spread.

WHO Admits Everyone Who Receives a MonkeyPox Vaccine is Part of a “Clinical Trial” to Collect Data on its Effectiveness (VIDEO)

Monkeypox Mania – Summit to Debunk the Monkey Business of Virology

There are no viruses!!!

Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong. We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease - Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference)

Great presentation for normies still brainwashed by germ theory, short and sweet.


"In the sciences, people quickly come to regard as their own personal property that which they have learned and had passed on to them at the universities and academies. If however, someone else now comes along with new ideas that contradict the Credo (that has been recited for years and passed on in turn to others) and in fact even threaten to overturn it, then all passions are raised against this threat and no method is left untried to suppress it. People resist it in every way possible: pretending not to have heard about it; speaking disparagingly of it, as if it were not even worth the effort of looking into the matter. And so a new truth can have a long wait before finally being accepted."-Goethe


The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

The Business of Vaccination by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

(This video is for the germ theory programmed. Useful if you are trying to wake up a loved one to the corruption of the vaccine business yet they aren't ready to understand there are no viruses, no shedding, no spike proteins, no particles leading to contagion, none of that. Dr. Suzanne Humphries is still, sadly, stuck in the programming, but I don't think she is Controlled Opposition. I know we want perfection, but that does not seem to be the reality.

#FDA FDA Statement Ruling #censorship

10 Buddhist Monk Habits: Hard to adopt, but life changing when you do

"This Was A KEPT SECRET By Monks" - Do This To CHANGE YOUR LIFE! | Jay Shetty

Breath work and service to others is the key!

MONEY WILL FLOW LIKE CRAZY! (How To Manifest Success & Riches) | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Tom MacDonald - "The System"

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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