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Montana Supreme Court Scandal Possible Arrests? Q On The Front Page of Time Magazine!

This news story could be the most explosive in decades, and it could turn the tide of Montana state government.

Various press outlets have reported, but largely under-reported, a developing scandal regarding the Montana Supreme Court and their refusal to abide by information requests for their email correspondence on publicly-owned servers. But what lies under the surface of the scandal – and what is currently developing – will likely lead to the biggest news story in Montana politics in decades. Ultimately, as this saga continues, the scandal might lead to the impeachment of Supreme Court Justices and the arrest of at least one employee of the court. In the end, Governor Gianforte might be able to appoint new justices to the court, overthrowing the last liberal stronghold in the Montana state government.

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Below are the emails between the judges and justices, available below. Note: These are extensive files, and may take some time to review. As you review these emails, keep in mind the central figures involved. Below are the justices and their biographies.


Well well well, look's who on the cover of Time Magazine? I do believe the storm has arrived! Can they be stopped? We all know the answer to that! #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #BestIsYetToCome

QAnon Candidates Are Winning Local Elections. Can They Be Stopped?

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Mr Pool on twitter posted an interesting collection of photos yesterday.


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