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Lin Wood Quotes - Bozo Biden's Empty CNN Town Hall - Is Juan JFK Jr?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Collection of Lin Wood quotes, watch Joe Biden empty CNN Town Hall and his comments on QAnon, drinking children's blood, no man on the moon or aliens, says it's not a pandemic? #IsThatRight Watch Rand Paul and Fauci explosive debate and see Biden in a collection of gaffs. More vaccine deaths in Scotland, Robert Kennedy Jr. asking some very important questions and Juan O Savin let his face slip - looks like Junior in disguise to me. Don't miss Trump speech Saturday at 6 in AZ.

Hold The Line By Eye Drop Video

Lin Wood Quotes:

- "Bill Gates don’t have a medical degree but creates pharmaceuticals, including a vaccine Moderna." ~Lin Wood

- "Covid is patented" ~Lin Wood

So that means COVID is not natural (duh, none of them are) and Trump was right all along, he said they created COVID in the Wuhan lab, but what exactly did they create? Was it the bio weapon vaccine since viruses don't exist as per the CDC admitting they never isolated any virus, ever.

CDC NOW Admits NO 'Gold Standard' for the Isolation for ANY Virus!

COVID 911 By Joe M

Who owns Pfizer?

Pfizer is a Pharmaceutical corporation that was founded in New York City in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart. The company does not have one specific owner but rather owned by the people who make up its share registry. According to Yahoo Finance, 27.6% of the corporation's shares are owned by the general public while 72.3% of its shares are owned by institutions. #IsthatRight

- "Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world." ~Lin Wood


- "They want to kill you & depopulate you by destroying the middle class; only allowing an elite class and a servant class." ~Lin Wood

Q Plan To Save The World

- "We’re NOT going to let that happen. They’re not going to take away our freedom!" ~Lin Wood

Dee Snider and The Trump Family sing "We're Not Going To Take It" on stage together!

- "What they’ve done over the years, keeping cures for cancer from us for 30 to 40 years, how many they killed for money." ~Lin Wood

Meet Bill Gates - A Corbett Report - Full 4 Part

- "With no legal right in America, the CIA Mockingbird media have been brainwashing us for 70+ years." ~Lin Wood

Q - Kill A Mockingbird - By Joe M

- "People need to see it. They need to experience it." ~Lin Wood

- "America The Republic" ~Lin Wood

The Birth Of Our Republic - Must See

- "1871 America borrowed Money from the Rothschilds" ~Lin Wood

- "1910 -1911 America couldn’t pay our bills and they took over our banking systems" ~ Lin Wood

The Man Who Saved Europe

- "We need to go back to the GOLD standard" ~ Lin Wood

- "John D Rockefeller formed the American Medical Association and labeled naturalist doctors were quacks." ~Lin Wood

- "The pharmaceutical industry is evil." ~Lin Wood

- "Donald Trump is still the President for The United States of America." ~Lin Wood

- "You don’t impeach a President to get him out of office, after he lost." ~Lin Wood

- "They tried to impeach him because they know what’s going on."

~Lin Wood

- "Watch his rallies. Look at the Secret Service protection he has. That’s the protection given to sitting president of The United States of America!" (BOOM!) ~Lin Wood

- "Trust the Plan!" ~Lin Wood

We Are The Plan

- "Q is real." ~Lin Wood

- "I stand with Q." ~Lin Wood


- "Q doesn’t like pedophilia, I don’t either." ~Lin Wood

- "Q doesn’t like Child sex trafficking, I don’t either." ~Lin Wood

Q is the TRUTH ~Lin Wood
Save The Little Children, It's Our Job ~Lin Wood

Love the children, pray for the children,

listen to the word of God.

- "We won’t see when Jesus comes, but he’s coming." 🙌 ~Lin Wood

- "Walk by Faith, not by sight!" ~Lin Wood

- "Walk by Faith until we are given sight!" ~Lin Wood

11 Ways to Walk by Faith Not by Sight

- "The military swore an oath to defend the constitution and the people. They will do their job." ~Lin Wood

Navy ordering all sailors to re-swear oath to constitution in extremism stand-down

Who else counts 17 sailors? There are no coincedences.


Biden CNN Ghost Town Hall

Biden babbling about QAnon and drinking babies blood

Biden: “QAnon? The idea that the Democrats or Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children...” And? Keep going, Joe.

Biden rambles whether or not there’s "a man on the moon" or "aliens are here or not" when asked about vaccine hesitancy.

Biden "This is not a pandemic".

Biden nails it when he says "I don't care if you think I'm Satan reincarnated, the fact is you can't look at your television and say nothing happened on the 6th."

PARDON? Is that right? Is Joe Biden actor telling us who he really is or who he worships? See And We Know Video link below.


He Keeps forgetting what the red button is for...

‘It’s Like His Mouth Is Falling Down The Stairs’: Critics Mock Biden’s CNN Town Hall


Vaccinated are Dying, Government is Lying & We are Suing Them All w/ Thomas Renz (2of2)

5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland

EXPLOSIVE: Rand Paul & Fauci CLASH in Tense COVID Debate Over Gain of Function

FAUCI = 240 = Liar

I'm in NO TAXES for the unvaxxed!

We don't need any of their garbage "public" services.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Asking some important questions!

Don't miss President Trump Saturday 6 PM/EST

17:17 Expect Divine Intervention Expect The Unexpected Juan O Savin

I'm going to end on a JFK Jr. note. Something different. So there is video of Trump motorcade at the Whitehouse and there is an announcement with a women's voice that says Trump Kennedy left the Whitehouse. Then there was the video with Jacos and Juan O Savin disguised as Wayne Willot but look closely... none other than??


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