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LEVEL - Flat Earth Folks? Vaccinated People Are A Danger, Flynn Endorses Lin Wood. #ElectionAudit

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I've gone down many rabbit holes and continue to do so every day. This documentary is quite compelling and demonstrates that our earth could very much be flat. You be the judge.

NASA = Never a straight answer! #DebateDubay

"In a world that tells us science has been settled,

we tell them, the journey has merely begun".



Add that to the list of Vaccines are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. They forgot gender and sexual orientation confusion.

"We’re at war. The vaccine used as a Trojan Horse against the entire populace, and a split shot at that potentially killing both vaccine participants via side effects and the unvaccinated by sending them out amongst the unvaccinated with a badge of arrogance.

What if the vaxxed have to spend all summer in self-quarantine because they are a hazard to the rest of us? What if the vaxxed have to get the Trump antidote? That'll be a lot of pride to swallow to save your life... What if the vaxxed have to live with a period of not knowing whether they have sterilized, maimed, or genocided themselves or others? Should embed "this is a bad idea" into our culture in a pretty hardcore way, even if the end state is happier". ~Martin Geedes (hero)


Everything President Trump does is Optics. This is a military operation. President Trump already told us it's a common cold that can be cured with #HCQ. He had to get them to develop a vaccine so they could reopen the economy, they have never developed one so fast, deep state wanted COVID crap to drag on for years. Most of society has been programmed and indoctrinated to believe in germ and contagion theory and that vaccines are good, so it would have been political suicide to announce vaccines are poison. MSM, and big pharma would have easily destroyed him and that narrative. We know it is not good for humanity, against informed consent and the Nuremberg Code. Many health care professionals will go to jail for not honouring the Golden Rule and the Hippocratic Oath, while obeying the Nuremberg Code, let's not forget INFORMED CONSENT!

Never in our history have we had vaccines front and center analyzing their efficacy worldwide. They are not FDA approved this is why you see phoney politicians and fake celebrities getting the fake jab. Dr. Brix has resigned, Fauci double won’t last long. It's all coming out. #StableGenius #GodBlessTrump

Please consider supporting Dr. Trozzi an ethical Doctor who has left his job as an emergency Doctor to speak the truth. I donated to this hero.



Mike Pompeo posts this video of Lin Wood speaking and he says "They say God wins, God won”.

Time stamp: 11:11 Video Duration: 33

"Because I think we are going to learn things about people that have been worshipping the devil and what they’ve been doing to children and other things and it’s going to shock the world, but your going to admit by the end of this that not only is God real but the Devil is real and you are going to know that God beat him because he already did. The conclusion is already fixed. I hate to use this word but this particular battle has already been rigged, God rigged it, he knows the winner, so do we, don’t forget that, we’ve already won. They say God wins, God won”. ~Lin Wood


If you pay attention to President Trump, he is a master troller and very funny. In this video, the guy points out that Trump visited Epstein pool in Florida it was filled with girls and Trump was so impressed that he let the neighbour hood kids use the pool. ;)


STATEMENT by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

The panic over Maricopa, AZ County Recount is real. This Is What Panic Looks Like! Bye Bye Rachel MadCow, a little dude.

"The Trump world really believes the election will be overturned because of the Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, QAnon folks being put in charge of recounting all the ballots in Maricopa and that really did start this week and they really are going to recount those ballots and who knows what they are going to say happened there”. ~Rachel Maddow

This one is a DUDE with a kickstand, fully MK Mind controlled and programmed by CIA, come on now. One of these images does not look like the other... looks CGI to me can you guess which one? Rachel is Ricky! So is Rachel Welsh. These people are so sick. #AdamsApple


Rachel Maddow is with MSNBC not CNN both SUCK!

Maricopa County recount started yesterday, 2.1 Million votes being recounted by hand. There is a livestream of the work for transparency.

Arizona Republic Party



Men In Black - Confession Exposing Truths: Amazing Men In Black confession exposes truths about everything from extraterrestrials, hybrids living & working among us with the Government, Fluoride making Men Sterile, MK ULTRA, Child/Human trafficking, abductions, Project Blue Beam being tested with the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings in 97, AIDS being introduced through Vaccines, & even being the Killer of William Cooper & others. It’s a must watch.


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The WMO has shuffled around their entire enterprise. Since all meteorological data/analytics has been centralized and put under "climate change" umbrella...which was to be expected. But what the newly funded programs will be focusing on for the foreseeable future. Is the Cryosphere and High Altitude Mountain terrain areas & with the randomness of time zone boundaries being shuffled along with the complete bureaucratization of anything aviation all reek of Flat Earth. On a lighter note .. nice info and stimulating format .. Bravo. and thank you



Thanks for the Level video. And I'll say it publicly, I'm a flat-earther till somebody shows me the math that it isn't. They've lied about everything else, why not this?

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