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Is Amy Coney Barrett Naomi Christina "Amy" Biden?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Expand your thinking. We are all learning. Do your own research before demanding facts, evidence, links that will never serve you anyway. You need to do your own research, knowledge is power & then you own your work. This is the only way you will unlearn and relearn & know to continue learning.

Ignorance or knowledge is a choice,

so is the choice to support evil or good.

This story spread on social media yesterday, we can not confirm it is 100% true, but it is something to consider. The world is a stage and what do any of us REALLY know? Worth a dig, here is what I came up with in a few hours:

"U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is none other than Joe Biden's daughter Naomi Christina Amy Biden! She did not die in a car crash as reported back in 1972. Her mother did not die either in fact her mother took her into hiding because of her abusive and corrupt husband Joe Biden. Long story but yes, the little one year old daughter that was supposedly killed in car crash is very much alive and well and she is our US Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett who the left, despise her and fought keep her from getting that very important seat. She is working with Trump and the White Hats." ~S. Snell

The lovely Neilia Hunter & Joe Biden with two of their children, Beau & Hunter.

Is Amy Coney Barrett Naomi Christina "Amy" Biden? Same blue eyes as Joe Biden, the original, not the clone with black eyes that no one seems to notice. She looks an awful lot like Joe Biden's dead wife. Where was Jill Biden the evening of the accident & was she really the nanny & did she have an affair with Joe Biden or is she his handler?

Frankly this all seems too normal, since Joe is a prolific pedophile, had brain surgery to try to curb his urges, loves to be naked, with the kids jumping up and down on his lap.

Neilia Hunter Biden, wore lovely pearls, a signature look reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy. The young amazing Amy prepping for SCOTUS with a gorgeous set of signature pearls & Gods wisdom. #ACB #GodWins

Lets see what Gematria gives us on Naomi Christina Amy Biden:

For decades, Joe Biden lied about the cause of the "accident" as he exploited the tragedy to promote his candidacy. He shamefully changed the details of the story, claiming the driver was drunk and responsible for the accident. He ruined a good mans reputation. We could do an entire blog on how he exploited Beau's "death" to none other than brain cancer, these people are so sick.

Link to article & video:

"What were the names of the turkeys President @realDonaldTrump pardoned? Corn & Cob. Was the horrible Christmas tree in NY intended to send a message? More on my thread. Too many questions."

What does COB stand for? Clinton Obama and Biden - Get out your popcorn.

Src for Corn Memes: Jennifer Mac The turkey that Trump pardoned was named Corn, the one he "sentenced" to live on a farm was named Cob - COB stands for Clinton, Obama and Biden, and they've been sentenced for treason." You know what you get for your treason right? #Execution I believe they have been executed for crimes against children & humanity, and their white hat clones are playing their role for the movie.

#TheGreatAwakening = Greatest story ever told real time.

Joe Biden visits graves of his first wife, Neilia and daughter Naomi on Friday, the 48th anniversary of their tragic death on December 18, 1972

Do the math = think mirror, lots of 666, so in your FACE!

Joe Biden visited the graves of Neilia, and Naomi on the 48th anniversary of their death. The two were killed in a devastating car crash, that also badly injured Biden's sons, Beau and Hunter. Article date: DECEMBER 18, 2020 / 4:48 PM / CBS NEWS

The December 18, 1972 crash was just weeks after Biden was first elected to the Senate. He was in Washington, D.C., setting up his new office, when he learned the news. (of course he was, that was his gift for the sacrifice) Was Satan outsmarted? Get out of my fox hole!

Neilia and Naomi Biden - Died Dec 1972 Amy Coney Barrett Born - Jan 28, 1972

Amy Coney Barrett is 48 yrs old, she will be 49 January 29th or so the story goes.


#ACB Activated

The beautiful face & smile that will end abortion! Thank you God.

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

I wonder if they have a secret? They both look very pleased & proud. Have they outsmarted the dark forces? I believe so. #DarknessToLight

#DarkToLight #ThePerfectDay #JuanOSavin


The plot thickens: I can not confirm, see link below.

Link to thread:


Is Joe Biden a White Hat Clone working for President Trump and Q? I believe so.

Thank you for reading. Like, comment, share, join the conversation it's free! #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GoAmyGoAmy

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