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I see... "The Great Awakening Numbers, not dead people!"

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We lived in Toronto for 20 years.  We had a cottage, travelled back and forth, finally bailing on the city moving up north to the country permanently.  

Drove downtown Friday night for freedom rally in Toronto on Saturday October 17th, it was our favourite rally so far on one of our favourite days. #777 Taking back our numbers.

There are some interesting connections I noticed driving downtown that I never noticed before.

Anyone that follows me knows I like numbers, follow Q, use gematria to interpret #TheGreatAwakening and believe JFK Jr is alive.

Check out these coinky dinks!

Upon arrival into the city, we are all familiar with Q107 signs, thanks for making us number one?? Hello GEORGE!

Good business alert! We stayed at the Marriott on Bay, Lesley served us and was fantastic, respecting our mask exemptions. The service was incredible & we will return. Highly recommend, great location. All customer service representatives should be trained by Lesley. She deserves a medal, a promotion, a great holiday and a raise. Here here for the courageous brave Lesley's of the world. My hats off to you.

Disclaimer: I do not know Lesley personally, she was very kind.


This was our favourite freedom rally so far. We have marched in Ottawa twice, Fredericton and Toronto. So grateful to see our fellow Canucks waking up. Welcome aboard! Notice the LOVE? #LoveWins

Hats off to all the Patriots working so hard at all these rallies. I could have arrived alone, you are meeting your tribe, welcomed, loved, no masks, hugs, WQKE, met so many new friends. #Grateful #OurTribe #Courage

Contact Veronica P Wolski @whaleswarrior on twitter for amazing custom Q & The Great Awakening product. She is a patriot that works very hard & is very creative. Donated Storm is Upon Us bands, that were well recieved by all. Thank you Veronica. #PeoplesBridge

Freedom Rally Toronto Blog:

On Sunday we visited Mount Pleasant Cemetery with a friend, who's great grandfather fought in WW1 as a Captain and is buried with his wife at Mount Pleasant. I had never been there before, it was so beautiful and peaceful . Can you believe they are buried in Plot Q, and their grave stone marker adds up to you guessed it #17. #RIP

On my way home, a drive I have done for 20 years, I notice the following:

Who is that John Durham, special prosecutor from Boston that we have seen no video evidence of anyway?

20 years never noticed that 17

Don't miss any Q drops:

Hello GEORGE! Crime fighting tights right here. Lots of comms. BOOM!

I'm working on a blog of the many profiles / characters JFK Jr. I believe plays. This is a tough one, I work alone and no one checks my work. ;)

Many of us get called conspiracy theorists, right wingers, I believe both those words will be eradicated from the human language. Hopefully left wingers, socialist, racist & commies as well. #United #WWG1WGA #LOVEWINS #GodWins Here is a lovely video, narrated by Melania Trump our @FLOTUS, (IMO) urging us not to give up. A Message for All The “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” and Healers of The World. "I love digital soldiers." Melania Trump

"Never ever give up.  Never stop fighting for what you believe in, and for the people who care about you carry yourself with dignity and pride.  Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, embrace that label, because it's the outsiders that change the world & make a real & lasting difference." DJT = 4/10/20

We will never ever give up. In the meantime in case you missed it: I have a few blogs up that may or may not interest you. It's a different perspective with some light reading, links and memes making a few connections.

Sign up if you like, it's free. :) I think we are on to something.

Please share to fight censorship.

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