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Hey It's Marz, From Life According to Marz - Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everybody. That was one of the longest and darkest winter in our history. #DarkWinter

Thank you for your patience, I needed to take a break from blogging and posting on social media so I challenged myself to 30 days of freedom. My last blog published was April 17th and today is May 17th so in honour of 17 and Q here we are. You know what? Not much has changed and we can catch up quickly as usual. If you've been following me you will know I'm a news junkie so it was really important for me to step away and focus on me time. I'm recreating my movie, lots of new exciting prospects and I've healed myself! Who feels amazing? I do! I would also like to thank my lovely subscribers who sent me emails and comments of concern, that was very kind of you and it was sincerely appreciated. Thank you.


We are all learning throughout this process of the Great Awakening and no one has all the answers except God, our divine creator. As part of my healing journey, I needed to get out of my own way (sound familiar?) and give my worries and healing journey to God and reconnect with the divine. I practice daily positive affirmations, prayer, meditation focus and have a very positive mindset and very little triggers me which is the point. You need to access your subconscious mind - so daily affirmations help you do this upon waking and going to sleep, your brain is in theta mode most receptive to listening and absorbing. Change your perspective, you change the world. Repeat.

We all need to use discernment and do our own research. I have shared a lot of "click bait" stories and controlled opposition through the years, but how else can you learn which is the entire point. I continue to believe and trust Q, an information source that forces you to do your own research. I also trust Trump and believe JFK Jr. is alive along with many other dead celebrities. Could I be wrong? I highly doubt it. LOL HOWEVER of course I could be wrong and the entire point of the Great Awakening is to understand that point, no matter who you are. Do I believe Trump is coming to save us? No. He is teaching us, just like Juan O Savin / JFK Jr. along with many others. I continue to believe we need to expand our thinking but not so much that your brain falls out. We all fell asleep at the wheel and stopped asking questions or being curious, hence Q!

Knowledge is power. Knowledge builds confidence. It's good to be knowledgable and question more. Question everything. Why wouldn't you? At this point if you're still in a COVID coma sporting that fluoride stare waiting for the TV to tell you what to fear, you know what to do... eject yourself from the planet you're dragging the rest of us down. GIT.

✅ Don't allow yourself to be persuaded via fear

✅ Practice discernment (*always)

✅ Act like you've learned something over the past 4.5 years

✅ Don't allow emotion to overwhelm your better judgement

✅ Don't become emotionally attached to _________ (fill in the blank next new thing meant to capture your attention)

As discernment is the word of the day, let’s explore it a bit more because it’s key in becoming your own authority figure.

Discernment is using all the God-given tools you have to determine the truthfulness of what’s being seen/heard. Period. End of. Discernment has nothing to do with deferring to outside authority figures, be they parents, influencers, or whoever else isn’t your own self, so in learning to exercise discernment, a good place to begin is examining beliefs currently held. Where’d they come from? Did you decide to adopt those beliefs or were they placed there by authority figures?

Similarly, an induced emotional reaction to a situation or the news, isn’t discernment so keep the emotional body in check when practicing discernment.

Basically, give yourself permission to trust your gut/instincts/intuition. You know in your heart what’s truth and what’s bullshit, so use the tools The Creator of All Creation gave you.

The beauty of exercising discernment is it’s something that’s fluid, so as you learn more, the ability to discern becomes stronger. And best of all, if something stops holding true or begins pinging as false, you can always change your mind by shifting the beliefs held about nearly any situation.

Know in your heart that God wins; the rest of this is all of us learning to discern Truth from nonsense because we, as a collective, aren’t going through this again.

America has been compromised due to CV19 - Think Biden kickbacks.

>> Politicians (both federally and locally) have been paid off

>> School Boards have been paid off

>> Doctors and Hospitals have been paid off

>> Preachers and Churches have been paid off

>> Big Businesses have been paid off

>> Big Tech bans anyone questioning to narrative

Here in 2022 we can see the complicity between our Political Systems, along with our Schooling and Healthcare Systems — Pushing the NWO agenda [knowingly].

Hot Truth Topics That Are Undebatable

There are a few key points of the Great Awakening that really fire me up in no particular order:

Torture and murder masquerading as healthcare. There are no viruses, they never isolated any virus period.

Abortion is murder and infanticide, both illegal. No one cares about your perspective or brainwashing on the topic. Whatever happened to my body my choice when it comes to filthy facial diapers and vaccinations? The silence is deafening from the left. #Hypocrites

The food we eat is garbage, every single human on earth has an eating disorder. Why do they call it food and drug administration? The food is made of chemicals which are drugs that give us parasites, like little snakes or spirits that control your thinking and cravings - the entire world needs to fast for 3 days solid and do a complete body, brain and organ detox immediately.

What are you feeding your mind? Turn off your TV, social media, the works - it's very difficult to do but it can be done when you decide to do it, then you simply do it and it will be done. #Smart #LoveAChallenge #ICanDoAnythingISetMyMindTo

The birth certificate fraud - we are all straw man walking around like dead zombies paying taxes to a bunch of pedophile psychopaths masquerading as our elected officials.

And the most abhorrent of all is pedophillia and the torture of children. Any child molester should be hung by the neck until dead, that includes all the disgusting perverted parents that take part in this revolting behaviour, they know about it and they are coming for you.

These would be my hot truth topics that are undebatable and until the entire world wakes up to these facts, our job is not done. So we continue to fight and never ever give up.

There are many humans that enjoy partaking in playing Mr. Dress Up in particular Justin Castro Canada's least favourite fake puppet leader for Klaus Schwab of the WEF, who has admitted publicly to admiring China, Castro and wanting to lower the age of consent to 16 for anal sex. #NormalizePedophilia #PeopleKind #Psychopath #NWO #NOPE

Inside Justin Trudeau's long history of playing dress up

How anyone can take this moron seriously I have no idea. What an embarrassing joke.

We have some severely traumatized children masquerading as adults on this prison planet that have no idea that they are behaving strangely by sporting these fear based costumes with a straight face. None what so ever. It's hysterical really.

According to these moronic world leaders the pandemic is not over. LOL What pandemic exactly? The never isolated any virus, ever. So stop the theatre and snap out of it. These people should be hung by the neck until dead for perpetuating lies, fear porn and propaganda. #TREASON

Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity. Stockholm Syndrome results from a rather specific set of circumstances, namely the power imbalances contained in hostage-taking, kidnapping, and abusive relationships. Wikipedia

At the end of the day, knowledge is power, no one cares who is right we care about what is right. Not one doctor ever asks what are you eating. Not one. Why is that? Let food be thy medicine. What are you feeding your body and mind? Not one person that got vaccinated asked what is in the vaccination. I guarantee you this because they NEVER would have done it if you KNEW what was in it. #InformedConsent #NurembergTrials

Dr. Robert Young writes extensively on germ theory vs terrain theory and they never isolated any virus, contagion does not exist, its all monkey science. This is why no homeless or healthcare workers, cashiers or unvaccinated or unmasked did not drop dead from COVID or any other disease EVER. It’s almost like something else is going on. #TheGreatAwakening #MailInBallots Once the world learns the truth, it’s over for the medical industrial complex, academia, governments and mainstream media. I strongly recommend following Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stephan Lanka and Dr. Amandha Vollmer. Amandha, who is a friend and is brilliant, she has her own store, products, services all homeopathic and natural and an online video education library on how to cure any and all health problems that helps to feed the body and soul. It’s up to YOU, no one is coming to save YOU. ONLY YOU.

There Is No evidence Of The Existence For Any Isolated Virus Anywhere In The World

You have a fish in a tank of water that is sick - germ theory = vaccinate fish - follow the money $$$ - Phizer made billions - Trudeau/Castro, a commie, gets kick backs for every single vaccinated Canadian. Why is that? Terrain Theory = clean the water. So take personal responsibility, your health has nothing to do with another person. NOTHING. Clean up what YOU are eating, drinking, reading, watching - choose an alkaline diet = whole food, plant based, PH balanced RO water - from acidic (*meat and dairy, sugar, refined foods, junk food, pop - where all disease thrives). Many people are over weight because their bodies are too acidic and their bodies are desperately trying to protect their vital organs from over acidification and atrophy. When you are overweight, you are extremely toxic and the body has a hard time detoxifying, which are called exosomes - the bodies way of expressing itself with flu or cold like symptoms. That’s it. Our bodies detoxify to prepare for every season, our body does this naturally. If you are overweight and over acidic your body struggles to detoxify because you keep feeding it garbage decaying food with zero life or energy every single day which is a recipe for disaster, a slow kill if you will. Meat and dairy is dead and decomposing with zero vital energy is all you need to know about that. All medication from big pharma is toxic and poison, addictive, filled with fillers and garbage that create more problems, so more medication, so they create brainwashed clients for life, they are not interested in cures or anyone that asks questions or is a critical thinker questioning the “science”. What science exactly? They never isolated any virus. Ever. Prove to me that they have. You will be unable to. No debate. They made up AIDS - they made up brain dead - think organ donation. You need to be alive to donate your organs. It’s a huge industry, they take Falun Gong off the streets in CHINA and they are never seen again. Where is the outrage? #IstandwithUkraine LOLOLOL

Did you know if you get cancer you can thank your amazing body for helping to alert you that you are too toxic. The body creates a lump of toxins, people freak out, fear fear fear, run to their psychopathic doctor trained by Rockefeller’s indoctrination who made natural cures illegal, they cut open the “lump” and spread it then poison you with chemotherapy that shrinks the tumour but also every organ in your body including your brain. Chemotherapy is Agent Orange helped not one person, it is pure poison, like everything else they do. Dr. Amandha Vollmer has helped cure stage 4 cancer. Heads up clean up your diet, give up the cheeseburgers, booze and one night stands. Help your body detoxify and work amazing. Get on some natural vitamins to boost your immunity and detoxify your liver. Drink PH balanced water eat organic whole foods, fast, meditate, exercise and get in nature. Ground, sungaze, hug a tree, smile. Be grateful. That's it. It’s so easy they try to complicate matters, there is nothing complicated about how our bodies work and heal. Nothing.

People can “ignore" the facts, evidence and uncomfortable truths for comforting lies and fake agendas, seek out like minded folks for the good old confirmation and normalcy bias so they can avoid reality but here is the big question and the elephant in the room… where did COVID go? Where did the Flu go? Where did Monkey Pox and Omicron go? Now its Bird Flu and they are killing all the chickens for safety?? Pardon? Why aren’t all the unvaccinated or unmasked or people refusing to quarantine not dying? Why aren’t the homeless dying? Why didn’t cashiers and healthcare workers drop dead? What are you going to do when they “release” the next “virus” via the TV lol??? Are you going to get vaccinated and boosters for that virus? And the next virus? People were vaccinated 3 times and still got COVID - so what was the point exactly? What were you injected with exactly? Why is it that everyone that is vaccinated got COVID? Why did you bother getting tested for the disease you are vaccinated for? The PCR test were recalled, they are bunk science and when used on a goat and a papaya fruit both tested positive for COVID and the entire pandemic is based on the fake PCR test. Did you know the AMISH don’t get COVID because they have no TV. I never got COVID. My husband never got COVID, all my friends never got COVID. Even if we did, it's the flu, our bodies way of detoxing from being too toxic. Bill Gates admitted it was just the flu. So they sell you a poison flu shot to combat what your body does naturally to help fix you and detoxify. Let that sink in. They make billions on fear porn and abortion masquerading as health care. These people are psychopaths.

Here we have MSM reporting on the booster shots could shut down your immune system, so that means AIDS.

Many are brainwashed and programmed to believe in contagion because of a shitty indoctrination masquerading as education when it programs you to be a non thinking tax paying slave for life and hopefully you pop out a couple of baby slaves for the system. This is how it works. People believe in contagion because of propaganda and Hollywood, which they use to further brainwash and program the masses to NEVER THINK OR ASK ANY QUESTIONS JUST FOLLOW THE CROWD AND THE TV. YAWN. Germ theory creates victims and people love to play victim and say I caught COVID - you sound retarded. You don’t catch anything. You are toxic from your vaccination you’ve been poisoned so your body is trying to detox from the vaccination. FACT.

Germ Theory and Victimhood

Terrain vs. Germ Theory Debate Between Dr. Amandha Vollmer and MD Student Dr. Paul Cottrell Moderated by Jesse Hall

Why doesn’t the world stand with Yemen or the Congo or the middle east? Churches, hotels, insurance companies are all standing with Ukraine? War has been going on for decades with millions displaced? No we stand with Ukraine, not Russia, Ukraine cuz the TV told you to. Many have no idea where Ukraine is on a map. Remember what I said about the blue and yellow? It's a program. Ukraine flag blue and yellow = deep state. Vaccine program = blue and yellow = deep state, Lysol - logo = blue and yellow = deep state = POISON, IKEA - Blue and Yellow, Wallmart - blue and yellow - it’s everywhere.

Why doesn’t the world stand with China? Shanghai? Because the TV stands with Ukraine. and COVID. Why doesn’t the world fear Leprosy? Because there is no vaccination for Leprosy. It’s not that hard to figure out it's not rocket science, another gimmick.

What about children all getting a cold at the same time from school? What are the children consuming? What toxic food are they eating? Junk food? Pop? Meat and dairy? All garbage for humans. The food at the schools is GARBAGE - they also have 5G towers in every single playground, most children are vaccinated from birth, so they have toxins running through their bodies and toxic garbage passed on through the mother's diet. Combine junk food, SUGAR, refined crap, meat and dairy is garbage and 100% acidic - not even meant for consumption by a dog, chemtrails, fluoride in the water, 5G and vaccine injuries - this is why children get sick. If contagion was real why doesn’t the entire classroom of children or the entire school all get sick and drop dead at the same time? They don’t. It's all bullshit to keep you in fear so you do not use your God given brains and are so dumbed down that you are easy to control and manipulate. #FluorideStare

So they will never ever stop. That is the point. Not until we all stand up and just say NO! That’s it. What will you do for the next pandemic? They are already talking about it. It’s going to be way worse than COVID way more deadly AHHHHHHHH - You ready to be a pin cushion for life? Remember there is a depopulation program going on its written in the Georgia Guidestones and Klaus Schwab’s WEF Great Reset where they want to chip every last human on earth turn up the 5G and fry your brain.

It’s also ok to be wrong. I know I was. We are all here to unlearn and relearn that is the entire point of this game called life.

Putin calls out the ruling elites of western countries for not working for their citizens and driving inflation prices up causing global poverty and inequality to serve their needs. Putin asks, "who will pay for the millions of deaths due to food shortages?"

Never follow the crowd. The crowd is always wrong.

Bill Gates Banned Video: “We’re Injecting GMO’s Into Little Kids Arms”

So the left calls out this video of Bill Gates a fake. So if that's the case what else is fake according to the left? Only things that do not match their beliefs are fake and unacceptable, says who?

White Hats Are In Full Control

Jungle Book: Trust in Me

This scene brings on a whole new meaning when you look at it with real eyes. #realize #listen #Groomers

Thanks for joining me. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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May 27, 2022

I missed you while you were gone and was hoping it was for the right reason! Glad you're back! In the Information Age, ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s a choice! Thanks for shining your light!!!


May 18, 2022

Missed you!!! I did the same! Took time off! I have healed through music. Eating better, of course! And staying in touch with God & my higher self!!! As always, love you and your work!!! ❤️❤️❤️


May 18, 2022

Happy Spring Marz 💜 So glad you've rested and healed during your 30 days offline. It really is good for you taking a break. As General Michael T Flynn says "This was irregular warfare at it's finest" but we're on the other side of the storm now and we should be so proud. Once mocked, we will be there to guide those asleep and help heal humanity 🙏 God Bless WWG1WGA Worldwide Love and Prayers from Scotland xxxxxxxxx


May 17, 2022

There are Universal Laws that cannot be ignored or broken.

  1. Mentalism: all is mind, mental universe

  2. Correspondence: as above so below

  3. Vibration: nothing rests, all vibrates

  4. Polarity: opposites are identical, dual

  5. Rythm: tides, pendulum up-down

  6. Cause and Effect

  7. Gender: Masculine Feminine.

Nothing endures but change. So as we all have experienced these last 2 years with the stolen election, injustice and unfairness everywhere. We must realize that the pendulum of life has swung very far to the left and very soon it will swing back in the opposite direction and all will change. This cannot be avoided, so hang on dear patriots and friends for we all have been chosen for a time such as this. God has Glorious plan…

May 17, 2022
Replying to

Marlene your posts give me such encouragement, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It truly is a joy to me when you come out with each new post. Just makes my day and I trust your content and information you share. It resonates highly with me! Thank You 🙏

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