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Figured Out Their Playbook Yet? Watch The Water! #WWG1WGA

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

So have you figured out their playbook / screenplay yet? Our biggest fear is from within.

Their biggest fear is us awakening, they are afraid of us, they are not fans of truth tellers or people that ask questions. We really are watching a movie and you are the creator. So digital soldiers get your groove on. Watch the snake venom salesperson! I ain't buying it and neither should you. Mass shooting in Brooklyn day after Biden talks ghost guns. #Izatright? Humanity remains under a spell of delusion. Watch the water, I guess - Evergreen is stuck in Chesapeake Bay and they are unloading the shipping containers! What is in the shipping containers? They say the children will unite us. Water Island, secret islands of the wealthy, underwater secrets and luxury yachts protected by the law of the sea. Jesse Watters is slaying it with non stop I told you so red pill truth bombs. What is in your drinking water? #WatchTheWater



The Playbook: Mass shooting, deadly virus, war, weather catastrophe, racism - repeat. Why do they do it? For control and worldwide domination, greed is secondary. They play us like fools, sheep and cattle. They rob us of our life force and energy, steal our children for a life of servitude and debt via fake taxation and interest to who you might ask? A bunch of sodomite psychopath Freemasons that are masquerading as our world leaders and celebrities. They all worship Lucifer and sacrifice humans, children and animals in the name of darkness so they can maintain and increase their power and control. These "people" are very sick.

What happened and what can we do about it? Put the armour of God on, get informed, research, start asking questions and critical thinking again. Use the beautiful brain God gave you, we are all connected, we are all one we are all one consciousness so we need to raise our vibration and frequencies by changing what we consume in all aspects. What are you watching, reading, eating, drinking. Where do you work? Is it helping or hurting humanity? Where do you invest your time and money? Who do you hang around with? Who is influencing you? Are you self healing or self sabotaging. How is your vibe?

Like most of us humans with souls, I'm going through some challenging times in in my personal life and my vibe is not always high and happy. I've even had a few drinks to help me cope. It made it worse. We are all a work in progress, no one is perfect nor do we have all the answers, which is the point, we are here to learn as much as we can, we came to earth as souls having a human experience. We chose to come here at this time so we had better make the best of it and learn as much as we can while maintaining a strong high vibe with a side of childish imagination and learn to get out of our own way. #InnerChildMeditation

Elon Musk asks if twitter is dying and completely trolls twitter on all the inactive celebrity accounts. Russell Brand reviews free speech, makes some good points. Bill Barr says Durham has dug deep, George Papadopoulos calls Barr a white hat. More CGI messages from John Durham.

Mass shooting in Brooklyn occurs one day after Biden talks about ghost guns. At least 29 injured in Brooklyn subway shooting, undetonated devices found. There was a glitch in the subway system so the shooting was not reordered. Anyone buying this shit? Watch out for the WEF! Dr. Oz promotes Transgender crap, Whoopi missing in action on The View, doing a "movie", Macron VS LePen - I pick LePen for the win. Biden handlers are getting ready to eject him from the planet. Link to Cathy O'Brien's movie Trance. Wrap up with a warrior song. Enjoy the show!

Let's activate your nervous center with a little nothing can stop what is coming.

Where will you be November?

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you racist, then you prove them wrong! Where will you be November 8th, 2022?

President Donald J. Trump in Selma, NC - Saturday Night Rally

"Ted Budd is up 17 points!" President Trump

I believe we can all agree humanity is under a spell.

Max Major REVEALED How He Influenced Hundreds on AGT Quarterfinals

This is 6 minutes to demonstrate how easily we are all manipulated. So the same thing goes for fake news and the latest breaking story.

At least 29 (911) injured in Brooklyn subway shooting, undetonated devices found

Note the bright red blood - this is Hollywood blood, real blood turns dark brown and coagulates very quickly. Smarten up.

Watch The Water - Watch The Water - Watch The Water

REPLAY: Jesse Watters Primetime | Weeknights 7-8PM EDT

Covers the Brooklyn shooting and COVID nonsense getting advice from China on lockdowns. Listening to the experts is not getting us anywhere. They're wrong on COVID, lockdowns, quarantine, global warming. Where are all the ice ages, rising seas, where is all the destruction? We can't trust these people. Biden is a laughing stock on the world stage.

Watch the Water - Jesse Watters - Double Meanings

Watters World QAnon Segment

Watters: All I can say is, we told ya so

'Jesse Watters Primetime' host explains how boring President Biden is since taking office.

Water Island, US Virgin Islands.

Water Island is an island territory currently belonging to the United States Virgin Islands, an American territory located in the Caribbean Sea. The rest of the U.S. Virgin Islands were acquired by the Americans in 1917 from Denmark, however Water Island was excluded, thus the Danish East Asiatic Company, and by proxy the Danish kingdom, continued to own Water Island until several decades later. Wikipedia


This is quite an extensive blog on the wealthy pedophiles underwater secrets, from private islands with submarine docking stations and their incredibly EXPENSIVE MEGA luxurious Superyachts!

From the blog:

Remember, there is NO LAW at SEA!! No protection for the innocent victims trafficked freely by these madmen who believe themselves worthy of these disgusting extravagances. Who believe the innocent victims deserve the torture and death because they are merely animals. From their luxury yachts, helicopters and submarines they can move victims from island to island (Most of them own islands) where they can be hunted, tortured and slaughtered in privacy.

Containers To Be Removed From Massive Ship Stranded In Chesapeake Bay #WatchTheWater

Unloading Cargo Next Step for Still Stuck Chesapeake Bay Ship

What's In The EVERGREEN Freight Containers? Suez Canal Blockage #BOOM #WatchTheWater March/2021

What Is In Your Drinking Water

The truth about drinking water. #WatchTheWater

Dr. Brian Ardis and Stew Peters - Shared link previously


The plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis ( has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil which began in the Garden of Eden.

‘Watch the Water’ Right on Remdesivir, But Snake Venom Theory Is a Stretch

While it’s true there is some overlap between the effects of poisonous peptides present in some snake venom and those of SARS-COV2 spike protein, claiming COVID is ultimately derived from snake venom is a poorly substantiated hypothesis.

By Dr. Sam Bailey

With the rash of supportive interviews by many of these "alternative news" or "truth movement" talking heads with this Dr. Bryan Ardis trying to convince everyone that the Deep State minions put snake venom in all water supplies of the world, and is the source of all COVID symptoms, you can tell one or more of three things about them:

1. They are total idiots with no idea what is being promoted with this and just as duped now as when they had been listening to the MSM exclusively just a few years ago, or;

2. They are ultimately only in it to make money off of whatever product/service they sell to finance their platforms and are just jumping on board the latest gravy train for that, or;

3. They are actually part of the controlled opposition to discredit the "truth movement" and help the NWO bring in it's plan.

Either way, it exposes who everyone should stop listening to for any real information about what is actually taking place in the world today. If people can't discern that then they are no worse off listening to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or any of the other government-backed propaganda outlets.

I do find it curious that the Khazarian Mafia DS demon spawn snakes use a fear of snake venom for their latest “conspiracy theory” antics. That just shows how desperate they are or it gives them something else to laugh about in their dens of deception.

After all, even their Scorpion King leader, Obama, said on public TV that everyone still has a reptilian side to them, which we likely do from their genetic manipulation from the beginning. All of this gives new meaning to that old appellation – Snake Oil Salesman.

Nothing new under the sun. It's all smoke and mirrors! Enjoy the show.

Watch the Snakes! Discernment Time Again, Truthers

Dr. Amandha Vollmer knocks it out of the park again. She does not fall for any of it!

The widely reported pervasive fear among the Twitter workforce that Elon Musk may endanger or even end their systemic censorship regime illustrates how central of a tactic internet censorship has become for US liberalism. Information control is vital to their worldview. @TheStormIsUponUsJM

Elon Musk Is Officially Trolling Twitter

On Saturday, Musk posted a Twitter poll that asked whether or not he should convert Twitter's San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter since "no one shows up anyway":

Convert Twitter SF HQ to homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway — Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk Drops the WaPo With One Word, When They Attack Him and 'Rich People' Controlling Media

Elon Musk "Is Twitter Dying?"

Russell Brand On Free Speech & Elon Musk

As mentioned before no one has confirmed 100% that RB does not have his own "agenda" however his content is often spot on and helps people think outside of the box. Use your own discernment and judgement.


MAPS = Minor Attracted Persons = NOPE


Hollywood shenanigans, you really do have to sell your soul to the devil and it won't end well. These people are so sick. Good share lots of connections in under 30 minutes.


Re-share - Film about Hollywood or Hellywood or Pedowood or PedoLand.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau seeking to forcibly silence news outlet

Barr Provides Update on Durham Probe, Says He’s ‘Dug Very Deep’ And Uncovered ‘Good Information’

Former Attorney General William Barr on Friday provided an update on the progress made so far by the ‘Russiagate’ special counsel he appointed, John Durham.

Special Counsel, John Durham | Saturday Message | Inn-Dight

CGI John Durham The Punisher

Hello everybody it is the Punisher on this Saturday night, and guess what I did see Marine One going overhead again today, and you know what that means? Somebody going home for the weekend. I'm enjoying a cigar and a Stella tonight in celebration, I signed a whopper of an indictment tonight, heads get ready to role screw James Whitey Bulger - Talk to you later bye - talk to you later bye - sings Roxanne.

Jim Jordan reveals key question about Durham probe

XE The Latest Version Of Omicron - 6 cases in Canada

There is no COVID, there is no XE, there is no snake venom. There are changes of season that many humans go into detoxification mode to prepare for the new seasons. This is your bodies way of expressing itself with flu or cold like symptoms, these are called exosomes. There are no viruses. They poison our minds and bodies with gmo food, drugs, water, air, fear, fake news, propaganda, academia, false flags and war.

XE = 305 = 35 = JFK

The God Of Men = 305

Abraham Lincoln = 305

Profit = 305 - Stolen = 305

Covid Vaccines Not Mandatory, Centre Tells Supreme Court

Male infertility may be a new symptom of long COVID

WASHINGTON — Long COVID symptoms like brain fog or lingering heart issues are becoming common ailments coronavirus patients deal with after their infection. Now, doctors fear infertility could be a new problem long COVID patients experience. Researchers in India have found that male fertility issues may occur post-COVID infection as well.

He's quoted as saying, 'You'll own nothing and be happy about it,' and there's already a plan in place to make it happen. Aiming to do away with the democratic process, he wants to give complete control to the deep state. Is his next move a worldwide cyberattack to reinstall widespread fear?

Dr. Joseph Mercola on April 8, 2022 World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies STORY AT-A-GLANCE

Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the most dangerous man in the world. WEF’s ultimate goal is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the deep state — and the technocratic elite who control it.

WEF relies on fear mongering; when the population is controlled by fear, it welcomes authoritarian “protections” like increased surveillance and digital identity systems, introduced under the guise of safety, but which ultimately remove personal autonomy and freedom.

WEF’s goal isn’t to just control life on Earth but to fundamentally change it by hacking into humans and removing free will WEF, in partnership with investment firm BlackRock, has infiltrated the government and is colluding in corporatism, where an unelected corporate elite dictates top down to the population.

You can protect your sovereignty by relying on your own critical thinking and choosing bravery over obedience.

Note: this article will remain available through April 9, 2022. But, you can watch the related 15-minute video via YouTube at your convenience and download the 8-page PDF for your future reference.

Dr. Robert Malone says it’s time to start calling out all the members of the World Economic Forum

(Natural News) When asked during a recent interview what freedom-loving people and their families can do to fight back against the global push for medical despotism, Dr. Robert Malone suggested naming and calling out every person connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Disney has way too much power and influence. Time to take down this Mouse of Horrors.

Groomers are mad.

IBM and The Holocaust Twenty Years OF Corporate Denial


Each year thousand of tourists pass through Disney Park's gates, but what secrets is Disney hiding within the "Happiest Place on Earth"?

“Can you imagine a man, that was posting videos of your boy, 11 years old, being raped by men and he’s serving 3 months in prison." - Candace Owens, on Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's leniency on child porn cases.

Child Victim of Kinsey "Sex Research" Tells Story of Rape

The Disturbing Truth about Alfred Kinsey, Father of the Sexual Revolution

Pedophilia Promoted as “Science”

As we will learn today, Alfred Kinsey was involved in arguably one of the most notorious cases of organized pedophilia that has seen the light of day. For decades, Kinsey recruited pedophiles from prisons and paid them to molest their own children and the children of others to perform so-called “science.” This was then compiled and sold in a book that went viral in the mainstream.

Schooling Or Grooming?

It Places The Lotion In The Basket

Maryland Teaches Kindergartners Sexuality and Gender Ideology

White House's Latest Threats Expose Depravity That Cannot Stand

If you were in a coma for the last decade and suddenly woke up, there’s likely nothing that would shock you more than how quickly radical transgender ideology has overtaken society.

Imagine hearing arguments in 2012 that children should not only be able to “choose” their “gender,” but that they have a civil right to physically mutilate themselves in response. Yet, that’s exactly where we are. As RedState has reported recently, calls for “gender-affirming care” have moved out of the fringe and firmly into mainstream Democrat politics.

Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney

(POLL) Americans side against Disney’s new gay and transgender activism

Dr. Oz promotes transgender ideology for toddlers, encourages "cutting edge" gender surgery for kids

Liz Cheney and Dr. Oz


You can not unsee this.


Speaking of trannys... Whoopi Goldberg is missing in action. This black bitch warlock chooses a Jewish stage name. Bye Bye Whoopi you DSPOS.

Feds busted 9 people in violent sex trafficking ring in Queens

Dead wrong: Brazilian newspaper ridiculed after saying Queen has died

France's Macron makes last-minute appeal to voters as Le Pen reaches all-time high in poll

Marine LePen:

1.- will eliminate aid and evict convicted criminals from social housing.

2.- will prohibit the Islamic veil in public spaces.

3.- will not allow illegal immigration in France.

4.- will remove payments from those who neither study nor work.

WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? Vas-y Marine. Come on France

Macron VS LePen - Globalist vs Nationalist - will we see nationalist leaders sweep the nation? I believe so.

BIDEN: "America is a nation that can be defined in a single word. I was in the the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him, that's when I traveled 17,000 miles when I was Vice President—I don't know that for a fact."

Bidens' Handlers Preparing to EJECT THEM FROM THE PLANET

Kamala Impression

Trance - The Cathy O'Brien Story

Compassionate and honest Cathy O'Brien exposes many in her film Trance.

Put on the armour of God warriors RISE!

Thanks for joining me. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

Podcasts of Blogs & Introductions:





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