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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I create blogs to avoid censorship, I can't post media! Enjoy the show!

“It’s about time something happens” During last 2 rallies President Trump echoed these words:

How fitting, we have Pepe giving us a Q symbol with the old chin check just like President Trump did for us. Oh the blue and white Epstein Island Temple stripes for prison is a nice touch, throw in Honey Badger Bill Barr on the pipes, nothing better. This meme wins gold on the internet!

From Karli on Instagram!

This is President Trump's white hat clone or double. Wears the same tie, hair a little more white with silver hue. President Trump has never worn a mask, his clone has though, twice to Walter Reed & once to RGB funeral. Speaking of RGB, has anyone seen Alan Greenspan & Larry Silverstein?

Are you kidding me? OMG. This is off the 8chan boards.

Dan Scavino @DanScavino President @realDonaldTrump working away — in his conference room at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Anything is possible.

Mr. Robert Trump!

Well well well, the plot thickens! We knew Robert was not dead.

I don't believe President Trump has ever been sick a day in his life. He is a machine that is unstoppable when it comes to protecting humanity worldwide, we are very lucky to have him as out President of The United States of the World. #POTUSOTW Here is President Trump from "Walter Reed" or AF1, you decide. Both he and Melania are doing very well, thank God.

#RedOctober #RedPill #RedTsunami TAV on Youtube sings about #TheGreatAwakening Here is his take on Red October:

I can't seem to end a thread without mentioning one of our favourite soul brothers Mr. John F. Kennedy Jr, who is sitting in Marine One helicopter again? Hats off to both JFK Jr. and President Trump, extraordinary job, great actors, great movie and you know what they would say?? Give others around them credit for it all.

Thank God for these white hats helping to save humanity from the deep state creatures. Is that John F. Kelly? #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #GodWins Update: President Trump (clone or double or Robert Trump) wears a black mask to Walter Reed which I suspect is dirty and hiding something. Walter Reed = 666 & so does Pizzagate. President Trump sends pizza to his fans every 45 minutes, master troll level to the deep state.

You don't really believe the healthcare professionals at Walter Reed would let President Trump out for a joy ride to wave to his fans if he had an infectious disease do you? Logic people.

President Trump reassures the world not to worry about Covid. God Bless him.

President Trump feels better after 3 days = translation = med beds!

President Trump now wears a white mask once he returns to the Whitehouse. #DarkToLight

Thanks for reading. End of story... or the beginning of a whole new world!!! Like, comment, subscribe, it's free!

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