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CDC Admits No Pandemic - Never Isolated Any Virus - Trump Announcements Keep Coming

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Tuesday (2), June 29 = 911 x 2 x 2 - lots of 911’s in that date. Trump has a huge announcement regarding big tech this week. July 4th is Independence Day. Same day JFK Jr. asked Carolyn to marry him. Rumour has it, it took her 3 weeks to respond, I suspect he told her about the "plan". Ever wonder what a “civilian” is doing working so hard making all these announcements, statements, speeches, rallies in his exact same presidential suit and red tie “uniform" for free .... so strange. It’s like President Trump never left and is still POTUS? Weird. #Correct #1776Constitution #RestoredRepublic


Honey, you got a big storm coming. ;)

Election fraud, COVID fraud, mask fraud, virus fraud, contagion and germ theory fraud, vaccine fraud, MSM fraud, government fraud, worldwide fraud. Coming soon, Hunter Biden Laptop, Anthony Weiner Laptop, HRC emails. Where’s Hunter? Where’s Obama? Where’s Hillary? Where’s Trudeau? Where’s the Pope? Where’s Beyonce and JayZ? Where are all the celebrities? Where are the missing children? This didn’t just happen to the native children now, that is all about social conditioning to prepare you for what is coming. Natives represent a small piece of the problem compared to what is going on worldwide right under our noses.

BREAKING: Judge approves unsealing of documents linking Ghislaine Maxwell to Clintons

EXCLUSIVE: Judge rules to unseal dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs, including those that reveal her and Jeffrey Epstein's relationship with the Clintons

Judge Loretta Preska ruled Thursday that dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs should be unsealed in two weeks.

This headline could be fake news, but I'll bet you this is exactly what happens. Do you ever get the feeling they release "fake news" so the left can attack it, but sees the headline anyway, then the headline happens a few months later? We are all being reprogrammed. #DarkToLight

We tried to warn you!

Q drop 6 on 10/29 (June 29) I wonder what will happen 10/29/21


CDC NOW Admits NO 'Gold Standard' for the Isolation for ANY Virus!


According to the CDC, masks do not work and instead contribute to COVID-19 infection

Oh, I need to travel so I’ll inject myself with “whatever” my TV says, it’s not FDA approved, many can not name one single ingredient in their vaccine is all you need to know about that.… oh wait, they are not letting vaccinated fly now due to blood clots? 4 British Airline Pilots dead 1 week after their vaccination. 80% of pilots are vaxxed so what happens if they get blood clots while flying and they have a brain aneurysm or heart attack in the air? You ok with that? Or your fellow vaccinated passenger exploding beside you? No thanks. EGAWD. Another 3 dead pilots from United.

I suspect this is the end of the airlines my friend, another cover for child and human trafficking, 100 year old dirty technology, give me a break. They have planes they can make disappear and that can fly from NY to London in one hour. Time for them to reveal the suppressed technology, cures for all disease and free Tesla energy, we should be living like the Jetsons, that's a fact and the best really is yet to come. #UnveilRealHistory #Giants

‘Spaceplane’ that could fly from NYC to London in 1 hour makes breakthrough

Airlines Facing Massive Problems From Vaxxed Pilots - Shutdowns Coming!

Treat Star Trek like a documentary, 90% of movies are documentaries and snuff films. But first we must learn the truth, we must detach from our demoralized behaviour of not caring. Apathy is the guaranteed death of a society, look around you we are living the night of the living dead. We need to fight for OUR FREEDOM, the children, the voiceless, we need to all be outraged, unite, get justice and heal. There is no other way and this has NOTHING to do with you or me PERSONALLY - this is all about the children. Never forget that.

Globalist MK Mind Controlled Trudeau Destroys Canada - Who's yer daddy Trudeau?

"Trudeau, who's mismanagement and corruption got over 27,000 Canadians killed during the pandemic, is trying to distract from his failures and corruption by asking the Vatican for another apology (Pope Benedict apologized years back) for a federal program where roughly 4,000 kids died over 135 years, the super majority of which died from the diseases ubiquitous and incurable in North America a century ago. Trudeau, who has already excommunicated himself for supporting the butchery of the unborn, the state-murder of the elderly, and other leftist designs, is playing politics with his own soul."

Do you ever wonder why you never see vaccine deaths or injuries on main stream news? You never see the millions protesting the lock downs worldwide either. You never see Maxime Bernier or Derek Sloan on the Canadian MSM. Why is that? What are they hiding? Why the censorship? We want the truth, not lies or half truths through their microscopic controlled view of the world. #CCP We want objective news without bias. They trash Trump but love Biden. Trudeau gave MSM millions, you think they report the truth or does Trudeau control the narrative? Why does Trudeau look different? Same but different? Biden looks same but different. Obama, same but different. Boris, Queen, Merkel, Macron, Fauci, Gates, Madonna, same but different. #BeObservant #RemoveLatexMasks #NoMoreMasks

Biden says no mask required if you're vaccinated - so that is discriminatory to unvaccinated people especially since they are healthy and these psychopaths never isolated ANY virus nor can you catch anything from another person, CDC confirms this, but wait what is this? WHO says you must wear mask even if vaccinated, while in the past they said you did not need to wear a mask at all unless you were sick.


PECPRSHC = CAPITAL LETTERS not required in statement

309 = Back From The Dead, Financial Freedom

"We won the election in 2020" President Trump
"I'm not undermining democracy I'm trying to save it". President Trump
"They used COVID to steal the election." President Trump
"We must never forget this country does not belong to them it belongs to the American people." President Trump
"We will make America powerful again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America strong again, we will make America proud again, we will make America safe again and we will make America great again". President Trump
“I’ll be making an announcement in the not too distant future and we’re fighting the Deep State and we’re fighting the Radical Left. They’re after me, they’re after Rudy, they’re after you probably - they’re after anybody. They’re vicious. They’re vicious and they don’t do a good job and they’re very bad for the country.”


Mecca = Investigate Immediately - Black Cube

Y = Adrenochrome

BTC - Bitcoin

Jack = Susan, Jack and Mark BIG trouble

PI = Life of

FEMA = Camps for Bad Guys

Brad = Hollywood is dead

Sea = We all come from the sea

ET = ETs exist among us - observe eyes

Behead = If you have hurt a child!

Wheres Hunter? OH wait, what is this? Here's Hunter!

Hunter Biden Invested In A Pandemic Firm Collaborating With Daszak’s EcoHealth And The Wuhan Lab.

Florida Gov. DeSantis cites Canada as example of lockdown overreach

A Royal Commission of Inquiry into our COVID Response

Please sign the petition.

The So-Called COVID-19 "Vaccine"

Important information from Steven F. Hotze, M.D. on the Dangers of the So-Called COVID-19 "Vaccine". Source links can be found in Dr. Hotze's article on

A collection of resources for anyone with any doubt

@interdastingholes - Much love❤️

Medical doctor, Dr. Steven F. Hotze, explains the extreme dangers of the COVID vaccine and also highlights that it's not a vaccine:

Medical doctor, Dr. Vernon Coleman, explains that the COVID vaccine is a depopulation based euthanasia application:

Medical doctor and pro vaccine advocate, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, explains that the COVID vaccine has to be stopped immediately, as it will destroy large tracts of the human population:$/embed/geert-vanden-bossche-open-letter-to-who-halt-all-covid-19-mass-vaccination

Medical doctor. Dr. Carrie Madej, explains that the injection is not a vaccine, it changes the human genome, it's extremely dangerous and it permits (legally) the outright legal ownership of the humans injected via GMO patent law:

Medical doctor, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, explains why any person who has taken this vaccine already will experience extreme health issues within 6-18 months, simply because the COVID vaccine appears to be a depopulation bio weapon:

Medical doctor and virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, warns the public about the COVID vaccine and its inherent dangers, which are being hidden from the public:

Medical doctor. Dr Ryan Cole, warns the public about the government and media deception around COVID, health in general and the COVID vaccine:

Medical doctor and one of the world's leading virologists, Professor Luc Montagnier (a Noble Prize winner in virology) explains that the COVID vaccine is a massive medical error and disaster waiting to happen:

5 of the world's most prominent medical doctors hold an emergency meeting, to discuss the bioweapon capabilities of the COVID vaccine, in regards to depopulation:

Medical doctor, Dr. Peter McCullough, explains the dangers of the COVID vaccine:

160 medical experts and PhD scientists come together to inform all world governments that the COVID vaccine is unnecessary and unsafe:

Many medical doctors and PhD scientists go live (from around the world) warning the public not to take the COVID vaccine because of its inherent dangers:

Medical doctor and nuclear cardiologist, Dr. Richard Flemming, explains that the COVID vaccine sets the vaccinated up for disease and brain damage:

Medical doctor. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, explains that everything the government and media are telling the public about COVID is a lie:

Professor Denis Rancourt from Ottawa University explains the masking lie:

Dr. Lee Merrit, explains the fraud and corruption behind the COVID vaccine. She also explains that when a vaccine for the COVID virus was tested on animals in the past, none of the animals ever survived:

Medical doctor, Dr. Marcus De Brun, explains the dangers of the mRna COVID vaccines:


Let's wrap up with some courage pie.

Not into professional sports, it's all rigged, don’t even know who these two guys are but I do now! Love me some courage pie. This is what real men and real leadership look like right here. Time for everyone to reclaim their spine and get off their knees, if you can’t do it for yourself, good God do it for the children. There is only one way this ends and everybody gets the red pill. We took ours 4 long years ago and we continue to unlearn, relearn, unlearn, relearn and continue learning which is the entire point.

Sports stars and other pop culture icons standing boldly to refuse the vax may snap brain-addled Americans out of their trance. These individuals should be encouraged and championed for their bravery.

Hot Tip for IPHONE users - go to settings - privacy - location services - scroll down to system services - scroll down to bottom - select significant locations and turn that FOOKER off! IPHONE tracks every single thing you do where you go how often and for how long YO! #NOPE


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