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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

All of President Trump’s campaign ads, rallies, speeches, tweets, meetings all have more than one meaning and he speaks and dresses in code, he uses hand signals as code, you need to learn their communications.   The greatest story ever told is unfolding before the world real time but you need to pay attention to understand it.  We continue learning and unlearning.  Please join us! 

On September 17th at 1:45 President Trump posts this video on BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK:  

This video has many communications but it SCREAMS JFK JR is alive to me. Video duration: 1.25 = 17 = Q

Let’s drop that into GEMATRIA!

Let's breakdown the video further:

President Trump demands Big Ten Football opens up!!

President Trump says Open Big Ten Football!  He highlights Michigan, this is to let us know the governor is dirty.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Democratic Party) says no to opening up for Big Ten Football.

Ever notice all these politicians being recorded in front of a library back drop??   #librarygate #clones #gitmo

These clowns insist it is too dangerous and there will be no hope of them opening.

Buddy is talking about the medical statistics and numbers, says he trusts them & the guy on the right gives him this crazy eye look.

They say, "Zero percent chance of Big Ten Football opening up this season…"

Oh wait what’s this?

Big news is right, Big Ten Football is BACK!!!! Kind of like HRC she just won't go away.

BIG NEWS at .55 = Big Ten Football is back!! 5.5 = Loud & Clear!

We R also treated to a flash of light from #DarkToLight immediately after this announcement.

@1:07 = (Juan O Savin) = 17 = Q = Gold Standard, they throw in a gold helmet for us to salivate over. #santasurfing17

Who is this @ 1:19? = 911 (full disclosure coming) That looks an awful lot like JFK Jr. on the right, and General Mike Flynn look alike. They say I'm a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

18 = R = JFK Jr.

Here we have a total of 18!!  = R = JFK Jr.

Southeast = 644 = Galactic Federation of Light 

Southwest = 474 = Remember Remember  7+6+2 = 15 = 555 = JFK Jr. Gold tie = Gold Standard. "Orange is my favourite colour." - President Trump

We have a 15 = 555 = JFK Jr. & a Q!! UBURN??

R = 18 = JFK Jr.

A = 1 + 3+4 = 17 = Q

President Trump always respecting our military.  He is a man of his word and he never lies. Video duration:  1.25 = 17 = Q

@1:18 we get a 71 think mirror = 17 = Q & a nice 11!

College football is back = 474

Patriots please share, I can't upload media to twitter, banned on facebook, you get the deal. Thank you for reading. #GodWins

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