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Are We Gods Of The Universe? OZ Filed Supreme Court Over COVID1984

The Are we Gods of the Universe comment resonates with me and is a nice match for the motivational video I believe is narrated by Melania Trump addressing and encouraging all the conspiracy theorists and healers of the world to remember who you are and continue learning, that is our job.

Connect The Dots = 598 = 22 = 11:11 = A Number Of A Man -

I Donald Trump - The Impossible Dream - Return Home

Afghanistan review, Canadian active duty police officer suing the Government for 1984 COVID measures, has addressed the Chief of Toronto Police in a NON COMPLY letter refusing all COVID1984 mandates and measures. This will be a template for the world to use for all employees that refuse to comply with this psyop for one second longer. Australian lawyers have filed in the NSW Supreme Court to tackle covid fascism enacted by the NSW government and their Stasi pigs, COVID1984 Hoax is unravelling, glimpse of Hilldog and Huma with a Handler.

HHH = 24 = BAAL - HHH = 144 = Faked Death - A Hero

Are We Gods of The Universe? Are You Feeling Your True Power?

SRC TickTock - Author Unknown.

"Are you feeling your true power? Are we God's of the Universe? Your journey in life is always gearing towards one thing, to become who you came here to be. So all the ups and downs and things that happen in your life are doing one thing, they are shaping you to fulfill or form your true destiny. Isn't it funny that we came to earth to forget that we are Gods, but while on earth your experience is to remember you are a God or part of God. When I say God, most people don't understand this and reject this idea and most shun you and want to talk about religion - these are concepts that people don't get - human beings invented religion its a structure, it's man made stuff. You can know that you're a God, Quantum Physics has shown us the true nature of reality. It shows us how we are made, what we are made from and what we are a part of. Everything is made from that, the universe is that. You have to get it in your head, you are the universe experiencing the universe, to get technical you are God experiencing God.

There is not a God, a man sitting up on a throne, there is none of that, you are that and it's shaped through your beliefs and your expectations, this is tough for people to get because people have been so indoctrinated with so much programming. But the ones who get this.. are the ones that are referred to as chosen ones. Because they have a feeling, they have a deep spiritual knowing of who they truly are. They know how this works. They experience this, they have the visions, the dreams, they manifest they see this energy moving through them and the energy is you part of God. God is a frequency an intelligent frequency created to evolve and is constantly learning, it's moving and thats what you are. You've got to understand that. Because if you don't get that you're never going to reach your full potential. You're always going to be blinded, always going to be limited and the ego was created through structure. Part of the ego is how you're programmed, for you to be less than what you are. To doubt your talents, your gifts and abilities, all that keeps you down. That is not why you came here. You came here to remember who you are, to experience something you always have to keep in the back of your mind, that you're experiences whatever you are going through is shaping you to become who you truly are meant to be." Author Unknown

Chosen One = 98 = 17 = Q

Chosen One - 291 =

Tell ManKind

We are all Q - We are the news

A Message for All The “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” and Healers of The World


Make America Great Again = Michael X O

342 = 45 = Forty Five = What Are The Odds

I suspect September and October are going to be wild! #WWG1WGA

Trust The Plan = 174 = Michael Protzman

So did everyone catch Michael (Negative48) admitting he was JFK Jr. through Gematria? It would make sense in many ways for John to reveal in such a quiet simple way, still teaching us on a whole other level of the Great Awakening and how to read and interpret the extraordinary language of Gematria. Or he is another actor in the Great Awakening. Either way this character has a wealth of knowledge and he knows his Gematria connections. Excellent teacher with a dreamy voice and we have so much more to learn.


TRUST THE PLAN = 144 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

1044 and 174 select word match:

Biden is a Disgrace!

It's hard to believe a nation could become such a big disgrace in just 7 months. Leaving thousands of American Citizens stranded in a terrorist occupied country is a new low even for the Democrats. Imagine how much worse it could get during the other 41 of Biden's Presidency!

Q Post 741& Biden's Back of his Bald head?

President Joe Biden’s Approval Plunges to Record Low After Stranding Americans in Afghanistan

Trump on the People Left in Afghanistan:

"Well we would take care of them because we have so many of them, there are no guarantees, America first, Americans come out first. But you know, we paid them a lot of money, everyone is giving them credit for being brave, well we were paying them a lot of money just like the soldiers, the Afghans, a lot of money to be soldiers, among the highest paid soldiers in the world. And I remember Mattis use to come and say to me "Sir, they are fighting for their country" and I kept thinking I wonder why they are doing that, you know they are fighting their own people." President Trump

"How much are we paying them, billions of dollars a year once we stop paying them we said we were leaving, they quit and they left. I've been saying that a long time they are not fighting for their country." President Trump

American First = One One One One = 38 = God Human Life - Letter Q - Art of The Deal - America Great Again


9.1.21: Stay ENCOURAGED! We are on the WINNING TEAM! PRAY!

Screenshots from And we Know: Click on Arrow to scroll

In a Major Low to Vaccine Efforts, Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down

Two of the FDA’s most senior vaccine leaders are exiting from their positions, raising fresh questions about the Biden administration and the way that it’s sidelined the FDA.

Italy may eventually make COVID vaccine shots compulsory for all

Oh wait whats this? Doubts emerge about the jabs efficacy? Pardon?

OZ Files in NSW Supreme Court to Tackle Covid1984 - FINALLY!!!!

Australian lawyers have filed in the NSW Supreme Court to tackle covid fascism enacted by the NSW government and their Stasi pigs. 👏🏻🇬🇧🇦🇺

Germany cancelled vaccinations, Denmark scraping all COVID crap, Judge orders hospital to treat ventilated COVID19 with Ivermectin. (Trump vaccine) this will be like dominoes and nothing can stop what is coming.

Well this is getting old. Yawn.

Oh look at this Canada getting Q'd again!

Canadian Courageous Police Officer

UM, since when is your work place responsible for your health which is private? My body my choice right? They are not healthcare professionals and clearly are misinformed about the law along with germ and contagion theory and isolating any virus. Show us your papers! OMG!

An active duty Canadian police officer, Adrienne Gilvesy, is one of 15 suing the government over COVID1984 measures represented by Rocco Gollati. She has written a non compliance letter to her employer that can be used by every employee who's organization is demanding mandatory vaccines for continued employment. This women is a national hero she is going after the head of the snake, thank God for her courage. I know she will inspire more Canadians to take a stand in this fight, history books will be written about her.

Please help share and use the letter accordingly.

Download DOCX • 37KB

Canadian Police Take Government To Court

We must fight and never give up!!!

!!! = 111 = Good - Mann - Who's a good man?

One Hundred and Eleven = Johnny B Good

Published September 2 = 92 = 29 = 911

Seven = America First Make America Great Again

486 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Notice of Liability Forms

Texas 6-week Abortion Ban Takes Effect as Challenge Looms at Supreme Court


THE DEATH OF Robert David Steele, AND HIS "BEST KEPT SECRET" #JuanOSavin

Tom Macdonald - "Dummies"

Catchy tune - this will help wake up the younger generation, maybe some of the older folk too!

What If? Why does this drawing even exist? hmmm.


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Sep 13, 2021



Sep 09, 2021

#IAmGod #IAmChosen #IfYouKnowYouKnow ❤️❤️❤️

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