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All The World's a Stage and All Men and Women Merely Players

So we are all here to try and figure out this game called life yes? None of us have all the answers except God - so I believe it's critical to never stop learning and never stop asking questions and most of all to stay present and conscious of all your thoughts and behaviours.

Keep in mind, CGI is real and it's everywhere. Self care and healing are really important as you will be of no help to anyone if you can not regulate your feelings and emotions. This is paramount to being of service to others.

I stepped away from obsessively blogging about the same topics over and over so I could refocus. Where your attention goes your energy flows so giving the blogs too much energy was like giving away my power. I'm enjoying a lot of meditations, eating healthy, listening to healing music, dancing like no one is watching, visiting family and friends, spent a couple of weeks out on the east coast, it was beautiful and very peaceful, everyone was so kind and friendly and the food and drink where fantastic. It was like a wonderful reset.

Nowness is the purest sanity. Dr. Wayne Dwyer
How people treat you in this world is their karma, how you react is your karma. Dr. Wayne Dwyer
There is no way to happiness, there only is happiness. Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dwyer presentation:

"Knowledge vs achievement, we are valued and judged by our achievements, it's a trap. Its a perfect universe, there is no stress in it its only people thinking stressful thoughts. Instead of acquisitions where more is less, you get less serenity - serenity means inner peace. Appreciate the people in your life, practice a new way of being. Super emotional health is an attitude and attitude is everything.

The most important ingredient is quality in your life to be focusing on rather than appearance. Consider ethics vs rules and its knowledge rather than achievement all the time - being a personal authority on yourself, rather than authoritarian, or trying to dominate someone else or to be dominated. And serenity.

Rather than acquisitions and accumulations and trying to prove yourself that way. When you get that serenity comes from the way you think always, you will replace all the other junk. Once you figure this out, you're living in the light and you can never go back. It's a way of being. If you're not there yet, you won't get it, but once you see it, it will take over your life. It is your purpose and your purpose is not to be loving it is to be love." Dr. Wayne Dwyer

The following group of memes pretty much sums it up quickly for the people on the short bus. We must keep in mind we live on a planet with free will, so everyone has the right to choose what they "believe", but I believe you will notice that even the normies have no idea what to believe anymore which is the point. Many are actually thinking for the first time in their lives. There are 1% that are thinkers, 1% think they are thinkers and you have 98% who despise thinking.

I'm so done with censorship and lack of freedom of speech. Headline news slay Ricky Gervais for calling out the insanity of the trans community in his new comedy special on Netflix, more social conditioning for the normies. Do you see the shift in the narrative coming from main stream news, like Bill Maher questioning Pride and the transgender community. "It' ain't all about you" Maher from the red shoe club says. #Correct

There Is No Public Liberty Without Freedom Of Speech

The New Women by Ricky Gervais

Don't miss Ricky Gervais new comedy special on Netflix called Nature Supreme. Lots of red pills - 17, dark to light, pedophiles, Epstein and a few great laughs. You can also catch it on TikTok #VeryFunny

Ricky Gervais under fire for trans jokes in Netflix special: ‘I am canceling’

What Is A Woman? By Matt Walsh

Good news, with Roe Vs Wade overturned, the world recalls what a women is.

Who's Yer Daddy Dudes? #CIA

Here's The Daddy!

Melania Trump first interview on Returning to the Whitehouse, "Never say never".

Melania points out that Vogue magazine is biased with their likes and dislikes on who they put on the cover, it's so obvious, she says. Video duration is: 8:54 = 17 = Q

I got a secret!!!

Vogue Fashion Show - ARGH

My goodness, what happened to "fashion shows" where are all those super models? Victoria Secret models? LOLOL Bye Bye fake fashion tranny child trafficking industry.

EXACTLY. Poor kids. They created the LGBTQ agenda to normalize pedophillia. If a child of 5 years old can determine that they feel like a boy or girl and can change their gender by removing healthy organs then they are sexually aware and can choose to be sexual. #ICK These people are very very sick. Many parents are also very sick and should be locked up. The parents believe they are being inclusive yet they are taking part in mutilating children. #NOTTODAYSATAN

Speaking of all the world's a stage... Zoolander visits Zelenskyy for some tropic thunder, praised him as a hero. Oh wait what is this? Zoolander Ben Stiller with the creepy PANDA, it's like they are all connected.


Excellent blog!

Dr. Alexander: ‘Not One Healthy Child Has Of Died' In US Since Beginning Of Pandemic

AND SO IT BEGINS..... just you wait, it will be like blood in the water once the vaccine injured realize there is compensation and money to be made.

Justin Bieber says he has facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Not so pretty anymore beebs. This one is rumoured to be a hermaphrodite. Kevin Hart "joked" about it.

The Fake News Media is finally turning on Biden. They had to creep it in slowly to "trick" the people. Anyone else notice the tv watchers have zero visceral hatred for Biden like they did Trump. It's like their TV brainwashed them into hating Trump and they have no idea why. (still) #Correct #MKMindControl

CNN Sucks

Why can't the world "notice" this is not even Biden?

Donald Trump REACTS to Joe Biden falling off bike

The real Joe Biden...


WATCH: Canada Makes 3 Jabs The New ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Standard, Saying ‘Two Doses Doesn’t Work Anymore’

On Wednesday, Canada moved the needle for the concept of being “fully vaccinated” for its citizens, saying “two doses don’t work anymore,” and now requires three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to qualify.

6 Facts About Trudeau That'll Make Your Blood BOIL!

The Money System Presented by a 12 Year Old.


The Unknown has never let me down. It's when you feel most alive. Dr. Joe Dizpensa
I'm more connected to my future than anything in my past. Dr. Joe Dizpensa

BREAK the BAD HABITS of Your BRAIN and Attract SUCCESS Daily! | Joe Dispenza | Top 10 Rules


1. Think greater than your environment

2. Make new choices

3. Control your emotion

4. Invest in yourself

5. Let go of your past

6. Change your personality

7. Don't live in survival mode

8. Break bad habits

9. Stay present

10. Live by example

11. Bonus: Change your energy, Match your behavior to your intentions, Overcome your old personality, Elevate yourself, Be passionate about your future, and much more!!!

Greta Thunberg - HOW DARE YOU - Dance-Version!

Here we have Greta blaming everyone else except herself while announcing she will never forgive you, never. How dare you! People are dying. Right here right now is where we draw the line.

Thanks for joining me.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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