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What is Reality? Do We Live In A Holographic Universe? Um, YES.

Updated: Aug 13

There is a lot of talk regarding "ascension" from 3D to 4D and 5D, which I believe means different levels of consciousness. Let's review an important fact that most people still don't understand because they are willfully ignorant about it.



The Pope actor went to Canada to apologize. For some indigenous school survivors, he triggered more pain. Vandana Shiva On The War on cash. End the fed. Trump sues CNN for defamation and lies. Is this the beginning of the end?

Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley Drops a bomb on the FBI and DOJ.

Ted Cruz says President Joe Biden is responsible for a 'plague of slavery'. President Biden revealed that he has cancer during a speech about global warming in Massachusetts, either as a gaffe or as a stunningly casual health announcement.
Biden also announces the death of Ayman al-Zawahri .- terrorist, he is so bad they killed him twice.

Matt Gubba is CEO & Founder of BizBritain - Financier of startups & SMEs takes on the globalist bullies and the WEF!! Brazil has had enough of their motorcycle bandit problem! #Graphic #Warning

COVID and Monkeypox review, wrap up with a sprinkle of trannygate and The Present by Isaac Kappy. Enjoy the show!

The human being's brain is completely programmable and the psychopaths that run the world know this. So they have worked very hard at dumbing down society with systematic programming poisoning and brainwashing the masses to fear being their individual selfs lost in a group think for generations. #SAD

Learn to make friends with the unknown, you will discover the rest of who you really are.

I believe our purpose is to unlearn, relearn, continue learning from our life experiences and then share the information you've learned. #RaiseHumanConsciousness #Repeat

There are so many "roles" that humans perform that are quite ridiculous, like all of them masquerading as something they are not. Do you wear a uniform/costume? Have a role attached to your identity? #Boring #SLAVESYSTEM

Ecologist Allan Savory Says Universities Suppress Critical Thinking Skills


At Yale Law School, Speech Gets Silenced


Make friends with the unknown. Allow the unknown to be a place of excitement and surprise and discovery rather than fear or something to hide from. Find the mystery, find the excitement. The unknown is where you will discover the rest of you. That's where the rest of you is in the unknown.

This lady nails it. I love her approach and message. I took the time to transcribe her message, I believe it's so important. Feel free to copy and paste and share the message.

Here is an important fact that most people still don't understand because they are willfully ignorant about it



"Here's an important fact that most people still don't understand because they are willfully ignorant about it. That is everything, and I mean everything thats built around our human construct of society what we call society civilizations. The fact that we live together in so called harmony globally in large groups. All of it is based on belief systems. It is not based on what we all laws of the universe which exists wether humans exist or not.

For example the sun exists wether we do or not. Gravity exists wether we do or not. The elements exist wether we do or not, the animals exist wether we do or not. All of that exists beyond human beings and we are subject to what are laws of the universe just like we are. Thats where the real connection with creator or source is, when you are connected to those principles of life.

What human beings do or what all of humanity has been tricked into believing through a belief system because of the power of our minds the people that understand psychology understand the power of our minds. They tell you a story - they tell you a story since the day you were born and continue to tell you this story for the rest of your life.. and unless you question it (applied knowledge is power) unless you have a bit of willful curiosity rather than willful ignorance, you will forever be a slave to that system feeding the horrific things that happen in this world and thats why nothing ever changes and history repeats itself.

Now what are these belief systems? It is everything - everything. I’m not only talking about religion, when I say belief systems I don’t mean only traditional religions which are also make believe belief systems lets be very clear about that. Everything is a belief system including for example - money. Money is a belief system, money is not real in essence, we make up a story that when I give you this piece of paper or when I transact this number through a bank that we have now exchanged something of value. We haven’t. Thats a belief we agree on, you understand.

The same goes for laws. Man made laws - why do you think in different countries you can cross a border in a different country in a couple of hundred miles where you have completely different so called moral laws. They are subjective, why? Because they are make believe. They are make believe. They are not real. They are not actually real. Most man made laws actually come from religion. They stem for religion they come from churches, they come from Mosques they come from all the religions of the world stemming from the same place. It is to control you.

Master class to control the main slave class. But what they don’t want you to know they dont want you to understand, is that You are just as powerful as any of them. You actually have source creator within you. You are a piece and fragment of the creator meaning you are God if you want to use that terminology but not the kind of man made God they talk to you about not this man made belief system that they talk to you about. It's the essence of life itself, when you connect to source energy you will know what I am talking about. It is that intuition that innate understanding your moral compass that you have within you. It's what calls to you when you know what to do, when you know maybe I should not do this right now, I should not go there. That person does not feel right. This is not coming from make believe systems that is coming from YOU actually connecting to source but you forget that connection and you are disconnected from that.

From the moment you are born, you are hurt in so many ways but mainly through trauma, everyone has trauma, they grow up with all this trauma, fear of abandonment, they grow up with the fear of punishment, the fear of never being enough. Those are the main fears everybody has and everything on top of that manifests. It's why people consume too much people become workaholics, people go chasing fame, and all the rest of it. But when you just have willful curiosity to actually study the truth to look for real occult knowledge hidden from you because knowledge is power, when you take it in, understand it and apply it in your life it is extremely powerful because that is when you wake up and the spell doesn’t work on you anymore. Thats when you realize there are no masters, there is no human being that is better than you here, and you are also not better than any human being. We have mutual respect because we are mutually just as equal when it comes to our essence we are all the creator.

So you understand this, everything man made in society and culture is a belief system, all of it. I just named a few here, but the biggest one we have is the belief in authority such as government people have to believe that other people actually have a right to harm you or to tell you how to live your life for a fuckin atrocity and a joke that so many people believe this and its instilled through their religions because if they are not a good boy or a good girl, they are going to go to hell. If you want to go to heaven you better obey you masters. Its all there since you were born to trick you but because you don’t question it because you’re afraid because everyone around you well thats just what we do, that just what we do, that just the way life is, don’t you dare question it don't you dare question it because you’re going to get into trouble.

No that is exactly what you want to be doing, you want to be education yourself of true knowledge, true wisdom which then empowers you because you realize you are the source creator.”

SPEAKING OF PHONEY - It's all phoney.


The Pope went to Canada to apologize. For some indigenous school survivors, he triggered more pain


Look at the body language? Not one of these men are respecting him, not one. #LookAway #YourPowerIsGone #Loser #AppropriatingCulture #WhereAreYourRedShoes

Vandana Shiva On The War on cash.


#FuckTaxes #EndTheFed #BiggestScam

IRS won the lottery! #AnotherScam #Embezzle


State of Paul Champ, he who brought a class action lawsuit against the Canadian Freedom Convoy, describes the protests as a “dystopian nightmare” and tries to say the honking caused permanent hearing damage 🙃


Civil Action for Defamation Pursuant to Florida Statute §770.01 this letter serves as formal notice of the false statements about President Donald J. Trump by CNN


RE: Notice of Intent to Bring Civil Action for Defamation Pursuant to Florida Statute §770.01, this letter serves as formal notice of the false statements about President Donald J. Trump (“President Trump”) in numerous articles and televised transmissions published by Cable News Network, Inc. (“CNN”).

Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley Drops a bomb on the FBI and DOJ



It is no mere coincidence that the once highly regarded FBI has become a malevolent force, a cancer on the body politic. Like any cancer, it needs to be cut out, and destroyed as an institution. Harsh words, but the shameful, partisan conduct of the FBI during the past 7 years conjurers up images of the Soviet’s KGB or East Germany’s Stasi.

Ted Cruz releases graphic video detailing 'narco slave trade' at southern border: 'This is barbaric'


Ted Cruz says President Joe Biden is responsible for a 'plague of slavery'

Biden: “I and so many other people I grew up with have cancer.”


President Biden revealed that he has cancer during a speech about global warming in Massachusetts on Wednesday, either as a gaffe or as a stunningly casual health announcement.

Trump Trolls Covid-Ridden Biden with Wicked Sympathy Note.


Biden plays Orwell, tries to redefine what ‘recession’ means


Um, they are making it really obvious now. #WillfullIgnorance

The death of Ayman al-Zawahri and the future of al-Qaida - November 17, 2020


US kills al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in drone strike in Afghanistan August 1, 2022



Matt Gubba is CEO & Founder of BizBritain - Financier of startups & SMEs...Please do it! 🙏🏻



⚠️GRAPHIC WARNING⚠️ Brazil has an issue with motorcycle bandits robbing and murdering people. Brazilian citizens have had enough. They are fighting back.

Once Were The Living - You'll Never Guess What's in the Covid Tests


Under 2 hours documentary.

Deaths From “Unknown” Causes Are Now the Leading Killer in Alberta, Canada Following the Rollout of the Experimental Vaccine – 2021 Total Significantly Higher than 2019


COVID Vaccine Injuries Quietly Being Compensated Around the World, Are You Eligible?


Programs in countries around the world have begun quietly compensating people who have been injured by or died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC Is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma


#SaveTheChildren #SacrificeToMolock

What's Going On With Mass Hospital, Health System Executive Resignations?


18 recent hospital, health system executive resignations!!

Why are so many executives quitting their high-paying jobs in leadership positions in hospital and health systems?

The Rise of COVID-19 Vaccines for Animals



Monkeypox Virus: Facts Vs Fear


Got to think outside of the box.

Doctor Sleep: The Shining 'exposes secrets of Illuminati and CIA mind control'


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOzFZxB-8cw


You don't get famous otherwise. Let that sink in. Baphomet is a transexual.


Come on now!

Friends Is Satanic


The "ladies" do a ritual on Valentines day - 3 Fire fighters show up to put out the fire sporting helmets with the number 27 = 9 = 6 = 666! So in your face.

Jennifer Aniston: Another High Profile Practicing Witch is Revealed

https://www.exposingsatanism.org/jennifer-aniston-another-high-profile-practicing-witch-is-revealed/ #TRANNYGATE

Selena Gomez??


Issac Kappy - The Present - The Whole World Is Watching


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