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Mass Awakening Imminent - Just Kidding - Ha Ha Ha

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Dark to Light - Accountability and justice is coming #WWG1WGA


No matter what you think of the character Trump he is teaching us to question more and research worldwide. #CONVID

I know how frustrating waiting for the masses to awaken from their reverie can be. It's astounding to us that nothing seems to shake them from their Zombie state. JuliansRum nails it when he writes something BIG must happen that disrupts daily life in a BIG way.

Correct. Without a significant disrupter they can continue to claim ignorance and apathy as their excuses to no longer own a spine or a useful mind that can critically think, use discernment, ask questions and have some basic curiosity with instincts and God given intuition that something ain't right.


No thanks - not our tribe!

Trumps Tax Returns, You can't always get what you want, Dark to light, Painful truth, Tom Hanks admits to sexual misconduct in all industries. Meanwhile Disney Plus worked with Balenciaga. EW

Episode V Acts III & IV - Hitler, Holocaust & the Holy Land - IPOT Presents - 12.22.22

35 to 45 (JFK tribute)

Who controls the media? Why must all FBI agents visit the Holocaust Museum for a full day? Branch Covidiots? #Koolaid = CIA Operation = COVID = SAME! Mad Yet?

Enjoy COVID, FTX, Satan, the Twitter Files & Biden Updates

General Flynn: "Yes, Satanic rituals are a real thing and sex trafficking of children is a real thing and many in our own government are directly involved".

Biden on racism and intolerance - No mention of Balenciaga, child exploitation or CIA murder of JFK.

'There seems to be a common ideology here': Fresh scandal for Balenciaga parent company Kering as Harry Styles poses in teddy bear t-shirt next to a toddler mattress for sister brand Gucci... weeks after child imagery scandal.

Nobody has pronouns, like you don't own a verb or adjective. Smarten Up. Meanwhile drag queen Christmas tour is selling out venues in America. Advertised as "family friendly" children and adults are watching prosthetic breasts, twerking, and ass slaps in 36 shows in 18 different states.

Let's wrap up on a positive note, we are shifting into a new world that IS beaming and Donald and Melanie look fabulous. Enjoy the show.

We've been thinking it could be 10 days of darkness that would wake the masses but can you imagine society losing access to phone, email, TV, radio and Internet world wide? For 10 days? Nope, many will suicide within 24 hours just for losing access to social media and gaming sites. UM we just witnessed absolute societal collapse over CONVID where society collectively lost their minds while Fauci convinced millions worldwide to fear the air. Oxygen the very thing that keeps us all alive, without breathing it you die, you need it more than food and water. Fauci and MSM fake news had you in fear, 24 hours a day of your neighbours, friends and family members for an imaginary virus in the "air". If there was a deadly virus in the air we would all be dead. Elephant in the room the unvaxxed and unmasked are not dying but the vaxxed sure are. Not like we didn't try to warn them. Oh wait, we were censored and terminated by family, friends and big tech.


Fake News = 55 - You know what else is 55 right? 10 ;)


Trump on Tax Return WitchHunt

Trump Tax Returns Report

Looked over Trump's tax return data that Democrats think is so important. Whoopdiefuckindoo. Now let's do ALL THE REST of the politicians! Also... who writes the tax laws to benefit the rich? Who prevents any attempt at implementing a simple FLAT TAX on the Federal level? HINT: It's the same people who (illegally imo) released Trump's taxes!

Now remember this sets a precedence. Now all X Presidents and members of congress have to make their financials and tax reports an open book to the public.

The Hidden War Trailer

Tim Ballard - Operation Underground Railroad - Please share!

“The Hidden War” tells the incredible story of our work in Ukraine rescuing orphans from danger. Traffickers descended on the country in peril in what they were calling “Harvest Time.” With the help of other organizations, the O.U.R. team unearthed a pedophile network looking to traffic Ukrainian orphans to Mexico and around the world. Help fund this docuseries and future operations now!

The Rolling Stones - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Official Lyric Video)

Trevor Noah Clip on All American Presidents Speak Funny

Tom Hanks Admits To Sexual Misconduct In Every Industry

Here you have it from the horses mouth. Tom Hanks admits the damn has burst in a big way with Harvey Weinstein and sexual misconduct that runs rampant in every single industry. Click link above for video.

Tom Hanks is an imposter filthy pedophile Rothschild rumoured to have been executed.

Tom Skanks in Sexy Baby With Toddlers (GAG)

Disney Plus Worked With Balenciaga

(“The Endless Trench”), tells the story of how Balenciaga, the son of a seamstress and a fisherman, defied societal expectations to become one of the most coveted designers in the world.

Right here is the perfect example of programming children and selling "the dream."


Tucker Carlson on Zelensky Nails It

The truth about Ukraine now is obvious. It's all about Russian regime change. For whom, at to what end, you must ask? Israel is the answer. Why? Russia is a protector of Israel's neighbors, who are in the way of an Israeli World Order as prescribed by the Talmud. This abuse of the American state, by Jews, has to stop. This menace is far more insidious than Ye Kayne West could ever enunciate. Israel and Jews are going to drag the world in a world war.


POP: Episode V Acts III & IV - Hitler, Holocaust & the Holy Land - IPOT Presents - 12.22.22

Today's feature presentation: Six million lies exposed. I extracted part of @IPOT1776's newest documentary. Here is the proof of how "The Holocaust" did not happen, and the symbolism behind The Six million. You owe it to yourself to watch it. Link to his documentary below. I also included another link on Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell's father) promoter of "Holocaust Education". Merry Christmas!

Robert Maxwell Promoter of "Holocaust Education".

First 3 seconds of video shows this big gold dome in Israel with their blue and white striped flag just like Epstein island.

The Secrets Out! CIA Involved in JFK’s Assassination!? JP Sears

Israel killed Kennedy because of his insistence they allow inspection of the Dimona facility in the Negev desert, where Israel was building nuclear weapons with stolen US technology and materials. Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gourion resigned to buy time until Israel could assassinate President Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson took over and US President and the Dimona nuclear issue disappeared. Interestingly, Johnson was Jewish on his mother's side. Ever since Israel has refused the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect Israel's nuclear facilities or weapons stock piles. This alone invokes US law to prevent the US having relations with Israel or giving it aid. Same as Iran. Does that happen? No. It doesn't happen because America has a Zionist Occupied Government. Israel owns and controls the USA. All Presidents after Kennedy knew what happens if Israel's bidding is obstructed. Israel is a rogue criminal state and enemy of the American people. The CIA and FBI are run by Israel. All FBI and CIA agents must attend a one day training session at a designated holocaust museum and memorial. Do Americans know this? Are you angry yet. Jews killed a President and Bobby Kennedy. They own and control the Federal Reserve to give jew run Blackrock free money to buy corporate America and ALL the media and big tech that count. They attacked the USA Liberty with impunity. They've dragged the US into endless wars for Israel and the milk American for endless money, military hardware and the lives of young servicemen. This has to stop. CIA = Crooks In Action

Israel reportedly expands Dimona nuclear complex

35 to 45 (JFK tribute)

We have clones too??

Um it's story time folks!

Did you know ADL trains every new FBI agent on their role as protectors of the American people and the Constitution?

Just kidding

Why Must All FBI Agents Visit Holocaust Museum?

FBI Director reveals his policy, meant to teach the 'most frightening lesson of all' - not the Holocaust's inhumanity, but it's humanity.

ADL Trains 40+ Campus Law Enforcement Leaders at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

More on ADL

But look at all the jews.... come on now. #SATAN

Branch Covidiots? #Koolaid = CIA Operation = COVID = SAME! Mad Yet?

Elon Musk Tweets ‘The Branch Covidians Are Upset,’ What Does That Mean?

CIA = Clowns In Action and all alphabet agencies have been in complete control globally of what we listen to what we are taught and fed. They control all entertainment and media, they decide what you are notified of, how you should think, what to believe and what to be outraged by without ever having an independent thought of your own or on how to get out of this matrix of lies, greed, corruption, domination and control. The mind controlled slave has no idea they are mind controlled slaves so to wake up from their reverie is much too terrifying because it will mean they will have to do something about it and they don't want to change a thing let along use their brains to think outside of the box. NOPE.

Should We Dismantle the CIA and FBI? | After Show Q&A on Locals

Trump on Elon Musk is a Hero.

Hero = 143 = 17 = Q

Mentions Twitter 7, 5 and 6 = 18 = R= JFK Jr.

President Trump considers Elon Musk a hero: "Elon Musk did a big service when he released all of this stuff... I'd say he's a hero. I think that it's a big part of his legacy. I think it's more important than other things he's done."

Trump also says from what he hears, Elon has additional info that’s even more damning than what we’ve already seen 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 - All eyes on you! YO!

Q post 657 (think mirror of 756) ties in with Adam Schiff, Nazi, Watermelon Head what happened at the Standard Hotel Adam?


I like Kyle's message, it's positive speaks of lessons accountability and his young age of 17. Highlights media lies and power and that accountability IS coming.

Accountability = 155 = I Told You So

IS = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

Elon Musk: “Almost Every ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That People Had About Twitter Turned Out To Be True” (VIDEO)

Was Obama the Architect of the FBI and Big Tech Illegal Censoring Machine?

Biden Starts Telling A Fake Nelson Mandela Story In New Interview

Um DREW BARRYmore is a dude - a Satanic tranny - look at the line backer shoulders - what happened with Speilberg?

Catholic Priest Drops Red Pill Truth Bombs On Biden

YES - 57.5=17=Q YO

The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix!

Conspiracy theorist is going to be redefined to truth teller

Tom Renz – Fauci’s Time Is Up, Election Rigging, Covid, It’s All The Same Players

There seems to be a whole lot of stealing going on.

January 6th


January 6 - Trump Go HOme Video

The video that should be retweeted EVERY day, to prevent the [DS] from indicting Trump. #MAGA #UltraMAGA #Truth #TruthWillAlwaysConquerLies #Covfefe #Q #USA #Trump #Kushy #Anon #WeAreTheNews #SheepNoMore #DoItQ #FJB

Kash's comments and Trump's two last tweets before he was censored.

Jan. 6 committee caps off 18-month investigation with final public meeting


Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Turley: J6 Referral Against President Trump Not “Credible Criminal Case”

They Bused in ANTIFA in on Jan 6

This was the REAL insurrection!

Pelosi Nearly LOSES IT on Reporter

Rep. Liz Cheney calls former President Trump ‘unfit’ for office

Clip of Kash on X22 Report re: J6 and Pelosi Emails

Check this out!

General Flynn: "Yes, Satanic rituals are a real thing and sex trafficking of children is a real thing and many in our own government are directly involved"

Not today Satan - not ever again!!!

Do not miss - KIZZ - Fauci - Freedom

Illuminati Song - Hysterical @martingeddes

The Twitter files are being widely ignored by leftists and go unreported by the MSM. The moment of forced awakening is coming, and this preparatory time means nobody can complain the force was unnecessary. The crimes were laid out clearly in public. You din’t get to turn a blind eye to treason and child abuse, then still claim to be a responsible and upstanding member of society. Silence just makes you into a knowing enabler for such horrors. The erasure of the power of the collectivists is being set up. They genuinely believe themselves to be cleverer and morally superior to others. A great humbling is needed. Shame it also has to be so painful. Biblical, indeed.

Twitter Files Part 6

Twitter Files Part 7


*How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign*

Despite promises to shut down covert state-run propaganda networks, Twitter docs show that the social media giant directly assisted the U.S. military’s influence operations.

Twitter Files Part 8: Platform ‘directly assisted’ U.S. military’s influence operations

@KariLake: How the government’s censorship machine works. Time to clean house—starting with the FBI.

Steve Hilton: There must be accountability for FBI, Twitter scandal

Biden on racism and intolerance no mention of Balenciaga, child exploitation or CIA murder of JFK.


Satan Though.

"We are going to take this satanic machine that you have built to try to control our reality and we're going to burn it to the ground" @JackPosobiec
"This nation faced the most invasive, high level mass formation, psychological operation … that was the push to make you stay at home, to take a vaccine that was not fully tested … I do not comply. We do not comply." Jack Posobiec

GUCCI - More Creatures

Here we have a bio female, Harriette Styles masquerading as an adult male being photographed in hideous clothing by Gucci - in a cheap t shirt with a pink teddy bear on it, hair askew standing beside a toddlers mattress? What in the actual hell?

'There seems to be a common ideology here': Fresh scandal for Balenciaga parent company Kering as Harry Styles poses in teddy bear t-shirt next to a toddler mattress for sister brand Gucci... weeks after child imagery scandal

  • Harry Styles stars in the Gucci HA HA HA campaign shot earlier this year

  • Among the images are some where he poses with a toddler's mattress

  • Styles is also modelling a $750 shirt with a teddy bear emblazoned on the front

  • Gucci is owned by The Kering Group, which also owns embattled Balenciaga

  • Many are now asking why so many of the fashion houses use child theme

EXCLUSIVE: Poker-faced Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde try to keep their distance as the usually tactile couple step out for dinner and a concert with friends following her nanny's revelations about bitter split with Jason Sudeikis

Something is not right here... I'll give you two guesses.

Olivia (Oliver) Wilde shares rare photos of son Otis and daughter Daisy during holiday Disneyland trip - because of course HE does.

Witness Statement by Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, Fiona Barnett – Calling Out Her Pedophile Abusers

At Bohemian Grove, I was one of a group of children dressed as teddy bears and hunted for sport by men in the forest, to the theme song “Teddy Bears Picnic”. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a woman by male guests dressed in black Luciferian robes. Fiona Barrnett


The Teddy Bears Picnic Lyrics - CREEPY

Shares of Woke Disney Plummet as Company Spat with Ron DeSantis Continues

The parents should be evaluated and or jailed. The world has officially gone mad.

Drag Queen Christmas Tour is selling out venues in America. Advertised as "family friendly" children and adults are watching prosthetic breasts, twerking, and ass slaps in 36 shows in 18 different states.


We Are Shifting Into A New World That Is Beaming

Thanks for joining me. Never ever give up. Please share the love.

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

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