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Lin Wood says "Q Is The Truth, All Will Be Revealed, Take Them Out" #HealthFreedom #107

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Lin Wood's outstanding red pill truth bomb speech at Health and Freedom conference is historical and I'm happy to share this game changer. SO EXCITED! = 566 = 17 = Q

Lin Wood - Defamation Lawyer full speech from Health and Freedom Conference.

Title of video link is misleading, no matter, it will draw in sleepers looking for an echo chamber of rage and bitterness instead they get a red pill that will knock them off their feet. See how this works?

8 disturbing mins of lin wood @ the 2021 health and freedom conference in tulsa

Video duration 7:44 = 15 = 555 = Gods Grace to the power of 3

I partially transcribed Lin Wood's speech below and made some memes with his quotes, feel free to use them and share.

Lin Wood - Defamation Lawyer at Health and Freedom Conference April 16 and 17, 2021 -Tusla, Texas

"They gave me this VIP all access button, thank you, I'm not a VIP I'm just one of the children, here you take this, I did sign it for you. Do your research don't take it from me, don't take it from whoever Q is, learn about yourself, study about the illuminati, study the statistics about child sex trafficking and the number of children that go missing from this country and the rest of the world. Do your research, study about adrenochrome, educate yourself, draw your own conclusions, not mine, not Q, whoever Q is? Lin rewards us with a huge Air Q and the crowd roars!

Do Your Research ~Lin Wood

Q does not like child sex trafficking , Q does not like the Illuminati, Q does not like satanic worship, do your homework come to your own conclusions and then stand up for the children take the fire and fearlessness of God almighty and save the little children that's your job, that's my job, that's Gods will for this country.

Q is the TRUTH ~Lin Wood
Save The Little Children, It's Our Job ~Lin Wood

I've been very vocal, you've been very patient and very kind I told someone, so far I've been talking about God and they've been treating me like I was Elvis. Thank you, felt kind of good. I told them they are wonderful people, that weren't with me every now and again remind me to pinch me, it's not about Lin Wood, you don't really know me. I'm a man of God not ashamed to say it, it's not Lin Wood that you love I'm a flawed person I'm imperfect. What you love about Lin Wood is not Lin Wood, you love the message of Lin Wood, because I tell you the truth and you love the truth. God is truth and truth is God.

For every little child that is suffering tonight for every little child that does not know how to get home for every little child that goes to bed at night after being tortured and abused, and just wants to see their mom and dad and family. YOU fight for those children, don't you ever quit fighting for those little children, because this is America, this is America and in America we do not tolerate crimes against humanity.

And if you are torturing a child and having sex with a child and actually murdering a child and eating parts of a child and using the body parts of that child that is a crime against humanity and we are not going to tolerate it. Not in America, not in a country formed by God almighty. AND for those that do... WATCH OUT! Because God's judgement is coming. He's going to lift up his children, and he's going to CRUSH those Devil worshippers.

So you pray for it, go back to your homes and pray for God to take action, you go home and you pray for those little children because God wants you to pray and love them as much as God almighty loves them.

Love the children, pray for the children,

listen to the word of God.

I'm a man of God and I'm not ashamed to say it. ~Lin Wood

Let Newsweek write about that tomorrow, let Newsweek say Lin was making the Q, here you go Newsweek, watch this one ( draws out a huge Q and says there you go) I'm not afraid to talk about it, they've accused me of being a Q Anon conspiracy theorist why? Because they are trying to tell you I'm a bad messenger and they are trying to attack me because they can't attack Q because Q is the truth!!! And the crowd roars with excitement, standing ovations. Q is the truth he shouts, this is about the children for God's sake!!!

Lin Wood's QAnon Gesture Sends Audience Wild During Oklahoma Conference


Send this video tape, send it to Hollywood, send it to the house of Windsor, send it to Bill Gates, send it to the damn Illuminati. Let them hear the truth and whatever they do to me I don't fear them at all. Send it to the Vatican. Send it to the Politicians the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Bushes send it to those people, they are involved in child sex trafficking it's time to tell the truth to America!! And the crowd roars and jumps to their feet.


We live in a time where it's difficult to tell what is real and what is fake, who's alive and who's dead, who's an enemy who's an ally, who's using us for money who's using us for Gods work? Have discernment, ask God for it he will give it to you.

Audience: "Send it to the Pope!"

Lin Wood: "If the Pope is still alive.”

But when you send it to the Pope don't ask him to pay for it because I don't think he has that much money these days.

"If the Pope is still alive." ~Lin Wood

Let the truth pour down on this country, fill this auditorium with the truth tonight. Their days are numbered because all mighty God has had enough. I've said to you this is the second harvest God's going to bring people to him. It's also been described as The Great Awakening because your getting ready to learn that God is real, that is the second harvest, but your going to be awakened to this fact that just as God is real the devil is real and the devils children are going to be exposed! Every lie will be revealed they are killing our children!

Send them to jail!! Put them in front of a firing squad they are committing acts against humanity, the penalty for an act against humanity is DEATH! Take them out!" END.


Find Tusla 2021 Highlights right here:

Talk about ending on a bang. "TAKE THEM OUT!" God bless Lin Wood for having the courage to talk about the truth to America and the world.

Truth is not always pretty, child abuse happens as follows:

1 - Child Trafficking

2 - Abortion

3 - Child Protective Services

4 - Child Abuse

5 - Satanic Ritual Abuse

6 - Pornography

7 - Deep State


My Pillow sued 1.6 billion dollars to Dominion.

This will be the most important case in the world for freedom of speech.

Did Alan Dershowitz Flip? His name is on the Epstein Island Flight Logs and he was Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer. Disinformation is necessary. We'll find out!

“These guys are not only after our freedom of speech, but they are after the United States of America.” ~General Michael Flynn

Today is Patriots Day and Mike Lindell

launches Frank Speech! ;)

Patriot's Day (or Patriots' Day) commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775. Patriot's Day is annually held on the third Monday of April. It should not be confused with Patriot Day, held on September 11 to mark the anniversary of terrorist attacks in the USA in 2001.

Mike Lindell live - on Absolute interference. Looks like they are having death threats and power outage regarding Frank Speech. Mike Lindell is getting death threats, prank callers, power outages! They can't handle competition are causing this chaos.


Let's play a game #GamesRFun Click on the image arrows to scroll to the next photo. Let's see if we uncover a few secrets? #SheepNoMore


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