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Joe Biden Deep State Confession, I Mean Campaign Ad Decode 4/25/20.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

This is my second attempt at a blog.


The first half of Sleepy Joe Biden's campaign speech on April 25th, sounds like a deep state confession while the second half screams patriots are in full control. It also sounds like Biden has been plagiarizing again, all his promises sound EXACTLY like President Trump & Q. It's like he is playing a role in a movie.

WATCH FIRST: Joe Biden's speech posted 4/25/20 Everything is connected, nothing is random, everything has meaning. We need to expand our thinking.

Q drop match 425: 4+2+5=11

The first half of Biden’s campaign video are confessions of deep states crimes & from 1:17 mark on he promises to unite the people & talks of giving the power back to the people.

Now where have we heard that before?  

Video duration 2:35 = 35 = JFK 2+3+5 = 10 = 5.5

Where is Obama? Obama = BO = 17 - Q post 235

This is my interpretation of Biden's speech. Let's break it down:

Confession: We Lied to the world about AIDS, we created it, suppressed the cure for it and stole billions in research money.  They threw in the Tom Hanks propaganda film Philadelphia to make us sympathetic towards the gays & their "plight".

Translation: Tom Hanks is Dead and so is AIDS

Confession: Focus on the constitution and your God given rights, we have stolen them from you through fake taxation and debt, you are traded as a corporation on the stock exchange.  No one has the right to rule over you, you are sovereign beings, you are man and women under the law of the land and common law.

Confession: We the people UNITED is what they fear the most. #Q

Empty Medical facility with dim lights and comfort beds. Note the tiffany blue wall & all the Y’s in the structure?  What does Y stand for? #ADRENOCHROME follow the white rabbit.

Confession: we have kidnapped and bred children for 1000s of years, we keep them in underground tunnels to feed off and use in the most horrific ways. #SaveTheChildren

Confession: We have suppressed the work of good people & their true intentions from the world.

For the people: We the people in tents, mash units, are the chairs to visit or to comfort? Were these the tents in NY City at Central Park to help the children?

#ChildrensLivesMatter #SaveTheChildren What else do you see in this photo? The blue and white colours though. #EpsteinTemple

Are white hats taking back our numbers and colours?

Confession: Statue of liberty is it a dude?  Square jaw, masculine look. What does the crown represent?  Are we free or are we slaves? Have you ever heard of the #Baphomet? #GodWins

Confession: What are all the boxed packages on shelves you might ask?  Is this a reference to shipping live art?  What is live art?  Are the shipping companies involved? Airlines? Do they ship & traffic children like drugs? What are in the freight containers? Who is #Evergreen? Do they drug gag, wrap up, contort and tape up children into boxes to be shipped & ordered like a pizza? #Pizzagateisreal #WayFair #Pray #SaveTheChildren #RescueTheChildren

Confession: We traffic children at all ports & much worse. What are in those silos?  What do they traffic at all ports?  Watch the water? #SaveTheChildren

Confession: We allow & know that in everyday neighbourhoods, children are being raped and trafficked right under your nose & many parents have no clue their daughters and sons are trafficked in hotels every afternoon after school for their pimp boyfriend. They are everywhere. Fast food joints are the WORST.

Confession: We put a park with #5G right by baseball field where children play. Many other horror stories happen in these parks, recreation centres and play grounds. You must protect your children.

Confession: Who could have predicted our power? We did a real number on farmers, we poisoned the food you eat. #SlowKill

#NESARA #GESARA is being quietly implemented by the Trump administration.

Confession: Windmills are useless & global warming is a hoax to keep you in fear, control you and get money from you for a problem that does not exist.   Here is a recent Michael Moore video on the matter to assist the left:

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs

Confession: .42 mark = Deep state admitting President Clinton?  Dead? Let’s hope so.

Confession: We assassinated: Lincoln @ .44 mark?  Obama is dead? I heard President Trump was related to Lincoln... I mean really.

Confession: We assassinated JFK @ .45 mark = President Trump finishing what JFK started.

Confession: We assassinated Martin Luther King

Confession: We faked the moon landing & lost all the evidence.

Confession: We crashed the stock market 

Newspaper headlines = income is lifted by gas, seen our gas prices lately?  Lots of news about steel, Spanish war vets will reconvene? Could be a reference to Spanish Flu that they created?

Confession: We created the great depression.

Confession: We created 2 World Wars for profit, greed & to create misery & steal children.

Confession: We created and were responsible for 911- 3 buildings went down, there were 2 planes = CGI, drones & controlled demolition. Ask yourself what was in building #7? #GESARA #NESARA #Gold

Confession: We created the unseen enemy (coronavirus) and the plandemic, had it planned for over 50 years so we could implement mandatory vaccinations and chip you.

Confession: Buses can be cleaned with UV Ultra light, we lied to you, what else can you clean with UV Ultra light?

What else did they lie to us about? EVERYTHING. We suppressed this cure KNOWINGLY, millions have died.

For the people: A whole new world is right around the corner. #TeslaFreeEnergy #Cures

Confession: We use cheap steel from China and Canada to make shitty cheap unsafe cars, trains, planes & sell them to you as the opposite, super sexy and shiny for inflated prices and charge interest. For the People: The car being built looks a bit strange, I have never seen a car look so STURDY What if they are being rebuilt to be stronger, cheaper and safer? ;) #MadMax #Winning

Confession: We have stolen from you, your life energy, taxes, debt, all a hoax, your fiat currency is worthless, you work your whole life as a slave for a mere pittance compared to what we make off you, if we are lucky you churn out a few more slaves for us and sign them over at birth for a life of certitude of debt and taxation slavery and they never question or ask why??? #perfectslave #MLKmindcontrol #AnnaVonReitz

For the people: And our way of life is changing Green Statue holding gold symbols + coin in the background, going back to the gold standard? #GESARA #NESARA

Confession: Unnecessary pollution is threatening your health problems and we do this on purpose knowingly because we hate you.

Confession: This is not an education it is indoctrination of bullshit, to make you more dumb & let the state raise your children into their way of life into a marxist fashion, we like mindless slaves.

Confession: Airports = we traffic children right in front of you every day, we especially like hotels, sporting events, Disney, parks, concerts lots of money & so easy to do right in your face.

Confession: Nurses with masks on are being muzzled!  Hospitals are empty, so what is really going on here? 10 nurses 5.5!

Confession: Grocery store meat is garbage.  They have shut down 12 pork/meat slaughter houses owned by China and human meat is the closest things that taste like pork. They refer to this on this menu: (run by Zuck's wife/handler from CHINA) #KUNGFLU

God only knows what they were slaughtering and packaging up for humanity to consume.  If you sent your DNA to 123 and me, sounds like the fart joke 123 not me, to find out your ancestry, they sent your DNA to CHINA and cloned you with a pig.

Confession: All electrical power companies are thieves and robbers.  

Confession: Health and safety units - we made bad tests and bad ventilators we taint the medicine, make it weaker because we hate you.

Confession: Big pharma we are here to create clients not cures.  It's pure poison. #slowkill

For the people: @1:17 marker, and once again we're seeing the power being returned to the people via knowledge, Tesla free energy & our God given rights to be sovereign. #DarknessToLight

For the people: Stop the divisiveness, and just like that Biden's message changes to UNITE as humanity for the last half of his campaign video.

We promise to stop the anger, insults & divisiveness towards our amazing President Trump.


For the people: Temporarily closed, #hollywoodisdead more movie magic to continue... as we continue to watch the most incredible movie real time front row unfold before us. #TheGreatAwakening #PatriotsInControl

For the people: Sorry were closed (to rebuild our nation) - blocking out the 2 E's = 5.5 Loud and Clear folks!

For the people: We will rebuild our nation!  Global reset #GESARA #NESARA & Q 464 Q588 drops to follow.

Note: President Trumps last 4 EO's right in line with #NESARA, God bless him. #PromisesMadePromisesKept

Impressive date and time stamp!

Q588 Chatter just SPIKED Q !UW.yye1fxo22 Jan 2018 - 10:05:15 PM

Chatter just SPIKED. Q SPIKED = 178 = Barack Obama

For the people: Peace sign the good peace sign like #jfkjr We can and we will.

For the people: Maximum Occupancy = we have all the children Protect our nation/children from future pandemics & child predators & much more. We won't have a future on earth without our children. #SaveTheChildren #RescueTheChildren

Confession: We know vaccinations do not protect you they poison you (knowingly) For the people: Knowledge is power, take back your power. Protect yourself & your family with the armour of God who is within each one of us. United we are strong. #DarknessToLight

For the people: Protect our nations from future pandemics = say no to vaccinations use

For the people: Is this mash like tent picture from NY city where they were saving children from underground tunnels? Is that a food bag? #BEBRAVE #STAYSTRONG #ChildrensLivesMatter #SaveTheChildren #RescueTheChildren

For the people: Health care workers clapping for an adult patient or child? We will emerge from this stronger. #SaveTheChildren

For the people: Music is life & it's frequencies can heal you, look it up on youtube. Are we taking back our symbols? stars? #believe

For the people: Double thumbs up for the Great Awakening #WWG1WGA #GodBless #GodWins #ChildrensLivesMatter #WWG1WGA

Fun facts:

Did you know @John_F_Kennnedy Jr. declared Joe Biden a traitor after a failed kidnapping attempt? #WWG1WWGA #TheGreatAwakening2020 #Pray

Last thoughts:

CENSORSHIP IS REAL: Not alone, heavily censored, banned, look I'm one of a million digital warriors working hard & we will never give up. Imagine if we could post freely, honestly and get our message out without censorship? Who is doing all this censoring anyway, stealing our digital identity? What other "person" or "company" has any moral authority over someones freedom of speech?

"Never ever give up.  Never stop fighting for what you believe in, & for the people who care about you carry yourself with dignity and pride.  Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, embrace that label, because it's the outsiders that change the world & make a real & lasting difference". DJT

"I endorse Joe Biden." Barrack Obama

"For what?" Joe Biden, Presidential candidate 2020 Why hasn't Obama endorsed Biden? Smells like B.O.

How about:

Osama Bin Laden = Obama + Joe Biden = Obama Biden Bin Lyin.

Thank you for reading.


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WhatsUpDoc ChemDog
WhatsUpDoc ChemDog

Going to let you in a something. You do know that is NOT the real Joe Biden? If its NOT the real Joe Biden then who is it? If that person is bringing down the government, this system and JFK Jr said "I will expose my dad's killers and BRING DOWN GOVERNMENTS if I have to" who do you think this fake Biden is? Understand yet? Who do you think Trump set the stage for? Look at everything from a 40,000 foot view, this fake Biden is DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY and he is actually currently destroying other countries like UK and the Vatican. So, who do you think is behind the mask? Its JFK Jr. Who do you think is…

WhatsUpDoc ChemDog
WhatsUpDoc ChemDog

Forgot a few things. Go read Trump's EO 13848. Why do you think there isn't any new vehicles on the car lots or why there are empty food shelves? Because in that Executive Order Trump BLOCKED ALL imports and exports of goods and other things. Remember how there was a "Baby formula shortage"? There was no shortage, ALL the ports are closed down. Who flew in the baby formula from Europe? Thats right the MILITARY DID!!! Understand? This fake Biden renewed that executive order TWICE. This is the first paragraph of that EO. You really should go read Trump's EO because they will answer many questions people have.

Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in…

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