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EverGreen Chemical Weapons Of Eco - Mass Destruction? Sandbags in D.C. #ElectionFraud

Updated: Apr 16

Watch Turkish news anchor Kaan Sariaydin talk about Evergreen and how it was a successful mission to stop a globalist agenda that cost them 1 Billion dollars a day. Many containers contained a material that would be put in soil worldwide and activated by 5G to ruin all eco systems and soil, which was part of the plan to own the worlds food. If you own the food you own the people.

Watch the video below, read the subtitles.


Kaan drops some MOABs on the Evergreen containers (doesn't mention children) - he does discuss Bill Gates & his cronies had been putting together advanced technologies (he said it took 30 years to compile everything that was on that ship) where they were going to push climate change to the brink and kill crops and animals so they could take control of the food supply. So I guess you could say there were weapons of mass destruction on that ship, but not ones in the sense you were conditioned to think of.


Here we have Jordan Sather mentioning to use discernment, this news story could be click bait. This is true, however, something is going on in the Suez regarding Evergreen, what is in the containers and why is it still in in Bitter Lake? What happened to all the live "animals" they've admitted are on the ship? https://t.me/jordansather/1261

BACKUP of video: From Turkey's news, information about the Evergreen from Facebook


Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z1eFrE66aM

A few screenshots with sub titles in case video gets removed

Evergiven Seized by Egypt


Juan O Savin on Election Fraud


Sand bags for D.C.? Flood the swamp.


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