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A Letter To My Family - A Gathering of The Tribe - White Hats In Control

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I hope this blog helps others deal with family members that are still helplessly trapped by the matrix. I had a recent exchange with a family member that I thought I would share as a teaching moment. I'm sharing this to demonstrate none of this is personal, the exact same thing or variation of this is happening to all of us. More evidence that White Hats are in full control and we will wrap up with a beautiful short film that I hope resonates with you, The Gathering of Tribes. Enjoy the show!



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Like millions I'm divided from certain family members that have labeled me a right winger, Trump supporting conspiracy theorist who is hateful and harmful part of that "Q" club. She's crazy they say, in a total cult, completely brainwashed and programmed by this "Q" cult, believes in "God" all of a sudden, is a pro lifer and doesn't speak to certain family members any longer, can you even imagine? These same family members are staunch Atheists, triple jabbed, double masked, perfectly fine with rectal temperatures and sleeping with their government if it will help them be on team fight COVID1984. Bring on the boosters! Travelling with masks on and show us your papers is absolutely fine and normal to them. Taxes? Let's pay more so we will get more. Ask them about Canada's constitution, who their MP is or try discussing the charter of rights or if Canada ever confederated or how about pointing out where the Suez is on a map... and all you get back is that super delta jabbed up booster fluoride stare, planning my next trip to Disney looking at you like you da crazy one. I know you can all relate.

This is not an insult it's a fact. To be fair I was exactly the same 4 years ago. That is who they think they loved so the critical thinker or the enlightened Marlene they are not interested in. Some of us have done some work, some not so much. #Choices

Marz is notably "missing".

Letter from family member:


I want you to know that we have vowed to do the best we can to take care of each other. All voids are filled and our love for each other has grown so much since our family has simultaneously shrunk. I'm sure I contributed to the destruction of our family. I have no doubt I played a role. I know I did and apologize although I could never truly articulate the specifics of how or why.

That now aside, as water flows under a burning bridge, we have decided to watch out for our well-being in a world that can be hostile to those without family or someone to care for them in the later years. We all do after all return to being helpless babies.

We are well, our spirits are good and we have a lot of general optimism. We love each other and think of you so very often and genuinely miss you so much. I miss how you were (not how you seem to be now) before your trauma, severe illness, and move to BC. I don't blame you. I too am a firecracker and we both never learned the skills of how not to burn bridges.

Marlene, I am no longer sure about you. Just know that I miss who you were. Beautiful, joyful a doer, an organizer, a connecter and so so so funny.. you were exciting!!! But after everything you have said to me (calling me a Commie as if that was a bad word) I do not want to reconnect with someone who hurts my heart.

Take care I guess then! Enjoy your new life without family. As you wish.

xoxo Meldrum

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The reason you are not sure about me is because you have not spoken to me in 3 years. Coward comes to mind. You have no idea who I am. Once again giving your power away and blaming me for breaking your heart. How can that be since we have not spoken or seen each other in 3 years? I have the power to break your heart? That is a lot of power. What did I do that broke your heart Mel? What story have you convinced yourself of and played over and over and over in your head and never get any results or answers? Just the same low vibrational frequency of the blame game where all you get is the same miserable response that YOU create for YOURSELF over and over.

"Maybe it’s you that you have a problem with. Everything you think and send out to the universe is a mirror of YOU so what are YOUR issues? This is a keystone in the great awakening, learn about YOU, this has nothing to do with me." Marz Loves Freedom
"I am not responsible for you or your feelings period. They are your feelings. You must learn to grow up and take personal responsibility for you, your head and thought process. I appear to be living rent free in it for some reason. No one is coming to save you except you." Marz Loves Freedom

You people are helplessly brainwashed and programmed to behave exactly the way you are like victims looking to blame others. You cling to one another because your low vibration and brainwashing matches, never questioning anything so you perceive this as love and comfort but can never manage to come up with any answers to your perceived problems. Look up mass formation and menticide. It’s exactly what happened in WW2. If you want to know what you would be doing in WW2 you’re doing it right now.

"You’re a commie who loves to be babysat by a rogue government if you think wearing masks and show us your papers is normal. EW NEVER IN MY WORLD NEVER EVER EVER." ~Marz Loves Freedom

Mass Formation and Menticide

The world is not hostile it is amazing. My soul family continues to grow, you think in such small minded terms, very typical of your brainwashing, programming and conditioning. We see right through all of you, traumatized 5 year old children that never learned to cope or heal. Happened to all of us, you're not special.

No one destroyed the family, you are so dramatic. We are on different timelines and levels of consciousness - that’s it. You are not aware yet, not sure it will happen for you Meldrum, you appear helplessly brainwashed and programmed allowing your ego to control your thoughts and behaviours. The old mediocre Marlene that you think you loved does not exist anymore, that brainwashed programmed shell is gone. See ya. Never to be seen again.

It’s obvious you have done ZERO work to learn the truth and start the healing process. None of this is personal. All of the same brainwashing and programming happened to all of us the difference is millions are waking up worldwide to the BIG lies. We no longer live in the old earth, we are on different timelines and a new earth where we choose love, not fear and we demand freedom as a sovereign man or women under God. No one is special or above another. Consider some spiritual work, look within for the answers, no one else is responsible for you except YOU. #meditate #DrBruceLipton #JoeDispenza #HEAL

Good luck.


If you are interested in having any kind of relationship with me there is only one way this can happen. We meet each other for the first time, you must remove all your perceptions, impressions, emotional baggage and garbage from the past and all your blaming and shaming in order to meet me again. I care nothing about the past except to learn from lessons so I carry no ill will or blame for anyone. I know I’m responsible for me and me alone. I’m not responsible for anyone else or their journey or awakening. I do not look for others for validation, nor do I blame others for my experience. I take personal responsibility to remember who I am and make the best possible life for me on this journey. We are here on earth in this meat suit for a very short time, we had better make the best of it. Do you even realize you’re a a soul having a human experience and how lucky you are to be on this timeline? Do you realize how amazing everything is?

In the end we are all here to continue learning, if you have stopped this process you will never ever be centered or remember who you are never mind start the healing process and NO ONE is responsible for this EXCEPT YOU!

If you are living in the past you are depressed.

If you are worried about he future you are anxious.

Live in the NOW it is all we have. Time is not linear, it is simultaneous - think time lines. We live the past, present and future all at the same time. The Matrix is a documentary. Wake up Neo.

It has been my experience that the one that families call the 'crazy one' is often the sane one. This is particularly true in very dysfunctional families where ideas of healthy functioning are turned upside down. In these families, members often repress their authentic feelings and turn against anyone who reminds them of their unresolved issues and patterns. As a result, the Truth-speakers, the ones who refuse to contain their feelings, those who challenge and humanize the toxic status quo, are often scapegoated and vilified, made to feel crazy by those who lack the courage and insight to see beyond the family's madness. If you have been labeled the 'crazy one', take heart. You are truly not alone. Most great creators and paradigm shifters were met with fiery resistance by those afraid to grow. Whatever you do, do not allow your voice to fade away in the face of their messaging. Your Voice, your vision, your ways of being, live at the heart of your unique Soul's Journey and are the key to collective transformation. No one has the right to bury them under a bushel of shame. No one! And remember- what is crazy to an unconscious person is often brilliantly sane to one who is Awakened. Without you, we are lost. Blessed be the 'crazy' ones! Author: Jeff Brown

NOTE: Drop the labels and the blame game. You can’t blame Q, Trump or JFK Jr being alive capiche? Stop the blame game and look within. This has nothing to do with me this is your journey and your awakening or not. Choices have consequences. This is your life, take responsibility for it, stop labeling and blaming, go deeper, go within.

Take the time to watch this 3 minute video. This will help you understand the earths split into two timelines. The old earth and the new earth. I want nothing to do with the old earth and I have zero fear.

🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿

Jill Stein, Jill Biden, Jack from Twitter, Jack and Jill, John John, the number 11, sweet baby Jesus for all that is holy is our entire existence a fairy tell connected to the Wizard of Oz and our strawman? Yes Neo it is. The sooner you realize this...

Birth Certificate Fraud & MORE

GO ASK ALICE - White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

The Jeffersons TV Show Airplane The Movie

The Jeffersons = 972 I Am Your Teacher = 972 Google Is Evil = 972 Call Of The Dove = 972

Airplane = 216 Tesla = 216 Pain Real = 216 A Barack Obama Beheaded = 216

So let's review the gong show headlines that are to help wake the normies up. My cousin Charlene, heard this from their local news in New Brunswick:

"There are 350 cases of OMNICRON = MORONIC in the province, all the cases are asymptomatic with very mild symptoms so we need to shut down the entire province", as they show clips of actors in full hazmat gear rolling a gurney across a street, guy holding a clipboard and pen in a white dr. jacket and some yellow crime scene tape seals the deal. AHHHHHH!

Here is a good example of the white hats doing stupid 💩

To wake your a$$ up.

It's just going to continue until everyone gets slapped out the their Zombie state.

🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽


Ireland introduces new 8 pm curfew and 50% occupancy rate limits to slow the spread of Omicron and get more people vaccinated.

Do you think the vaccinated are going to be pissed off when they realize they are not vaccinated enough? ;) Fauci thinks people will vaccinate if they refer to them as requirements, not mandates.

New Orleans forcing COVID passports and mandates for 5 year olds.

Australia Government pushes out fake Santa vaccination propaganda.

Ghislaine Maxwell tells federal judge in New York she will not testify in her sex trafficking trial. "Your honor, the government has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt - and so there's no reason for me to testify," said Maxwell.

3 police cars, 8 officers in Florence checking covid passports at McDonald's.

Five Children Dead After Bouncy Castle Blown 30ft into the Air in Australia

5+3= 8 = New Beginnings ;)

Five children died in Australia on Thursday after wind lifted the bouncy castle they were in about 32 feet into the air, local police said. 23 = PAIN

5 People Arrested in NYC at CheeseCake Factory For Not Having Vax Passport


🇺🇲 Independent Journalist Leeroy Johnson says they will be suing Cheesecake Factory restaurant after 5 people were arrested by NWO troops tonight for simply trying to eat without a vaccine passport. He says they are looking forward to setting a precedent legally for the rest of the nation. ⚡💥

The Late Show Presents a Conspiracy Carol

Bah Humbug you say? Not so, check this out and listen very carefully, more evidence White Hats in full control - by Steven Colbert. Santa is Satan, lots of people still waiting for JFK and cannibalism . CORRECT!

Utopia 2020

In cryptic detail, Hollywood tells you exactly what they are doing with Omicron, they don't even hide it. The vaccines are to sterilize the children and wipe out the next 3 generations of humanity. Egawd.

Listen carefully to the next three videos I hope they inspire you. We are all here to learn and share our experiences. Imagine once we all remember who we are and how amazing each and everyone of us is soul family? Boom.

The Trump Administration Is Committed to Combating Human Trafficking and Protecting The Innocent

When President Trump says he will eradicate every last human trafficker and free every survivor he is talking about ALL OF US. We have all been damaged, vaccine injured, brainwashed, programmed, used, abused, our life energy stolen, robbed of our earnings via fake taxation and debt, never taught to go within always searching outside of ourselves for happiness and taught to rely and trust our government to look after us all while allowing a horrific underbelly of child trafficking and the worst kind of horrors known to man while losing our connection to God, source, the creator.

🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽

Are you ready? The Show Is About To Begin...

What footprint will you leave in the sands of history?

We are all beautiful souls that came here to earth to help teach and learn lessons. We agreed to this a long time ago. We need to remember who we are.

A Gathering of the Tribe | POWERFUL Short Film by Charles Eisenstein w/ Jon Hopkins & Aubrey Marcus

Melania Trump's (IMO) Message To Conspiracy Theorists Video - Remember Who You Are - Best Is Yet To Come

I've shared this video before, it remains one of my personal favourites and the most significant to help humanity.

🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽 🍿🎬🍿📽

Stranger Water - #WatchTheWater

Sweet instrumental song.

444Hz ❯ Soul Detox ❯ Let go of mental blockages, Remove Negative energy. ❯ Beautiful Soul.

I hope you are enjoying the greatest show on earth! Thanks for joining me. #BestIsYetToCome

Life According To Marz, Story at 6 - Please subscribe.

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Dec 19, 2021

You are so right!! I am in the same position: "Crazy".

I think they are very lazy to think and analyze "outside the box". Because if they still are thinking "within the box", nobody will blame them. But if they are able to think and analyze the information, connections between the events and get their own outcomes and they are not compatible with "general" thoughts, then somebody will call them "crazy". And this is what they are afraid of most of all. They want to be like everybody, not "others".

Dec 22, 2021
Replying to

I understand. I had the same relations with my family. More than a year ago I told them that C-19 is nothing but a variation of cold or flu. I knew it because I had it in June 2019. It was for a week or so. Tylenol blue pills fixed it. That is all!!! I asked them not to accept the "vaccine" jab because it is a lie. The reason for all this hoax is DE-POPULATION. So, WHY would they help you to survive if their purpose is depopulation?!: They did not believe me. They smiled at me. Now, when the whole world says the same what I said a YEAR AGO when so many people died, was left disabled,…

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